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Interview von: Janick Schlee mit Joost de Graaf, am: 16.03.2003 ]

Mit dem aktuellen Album "Saints And Sinners" haben die Jungs aus unserem holländischen Nachbarland ohne Zweifel ihr bis dato bestes Album abgeliefert. Discipline haben es damit geschafft auch auf Ton-Konserve komplett überzeugen zu können, denn auf dem Live Sektor sind ihre Qualitäten unbestritten (ich sage nur Full Force im HC Zelt). Mit ihrem mitreissenden Cocktail aus Punk, HC, OI und Rock ´n´ Roll schaffen sie es immer wieder die Leute auf ihre Seite zu ziehen. Neben Fragen zum aktuellen Release mußte ich Sänger und Hauptsongwriter Joost de Graf auch Fragen in Bezug auf Fussball, Gewalt und Rassismus stellen.....


Musicscan: Please introduce yourself and then the rest of the band.

Discipline: I'm Joost de Graaf, singer and main songwriter of Discipline. I'm 27 years old.

The other members are:
Erik Wouters- Guitar
Carlo Geerlings - Bass
Joost Strijbos - Drums

Musicscan: Can you tell us something about your history? What is important to know?

Discipline: We started Discipline back in 1991. Back then we had a different line-up and a different name. In the first few years we recorded some shitty demo-tapes and just played local shows in bars and youthcenters. In 1995 we signed a deal to German label Lost&Found Records. They released our first few albums and during that time we did a lot of shows in Holland and Belgium and we did our first few European tours. After we had some trouble with the label, in 1999 we signed to Belgian I Scream Records. They released our last 2 albums and also the brandnew record "Saints&Sinners" in Europe. For the last 8 years we've done numerous European tours, played every major festival and shared the stage with bands like The Business, Agnostic Front, Cockney Rejects, Sick of it All, Dropkick Murphy's, Cock Sparrer, Madball and The Exploited.

Musicscan: For me your sound is like a mix of HC, Punk, OI and Rock ´n´ Roll, would you agree?

Discipline: Yes, our sound is a mix of Oi/Punk, Hardcore and Rock 'n Roll. We try to use the best of both worlds.

Musicscan: Some people call your sound Street-Core or Hooliganrock, how would you name it if you have to?

Discipline: I've already heard many names to describe our music. I like to call it Street Rock 'n Roll. It's simple, honest, energetic Rock 'n Roll music for the man on the street.

Musicscan: Which bands would you name as your main influences?

Discipline: Oi/Punk bands like Cockney Rejects, Last Resort, Cock Sparrer, The Business. Hardcore bands like Agnostic Front, Warzone and Slapshot and Rock'n Roll bands like Rose Tattoo, Motörhead, Slade.

Musicscan: Now let´s talk a little bit about "Saints And Sinners". I think with that album you made a step forward and you showed that you improved as songwriters. How do you think about it?

Discipline: I think it's our best album so far and I do think we have improved once again as songwriters. The songs have more singalong parts and have a little more melody, but of course the album still sounds agressive.

Musicscan: Where are the differences between "Saints And Sinners" and older releases?

Discipline: Well, as I already said earlier the songs are better. The production is way better than on previous albums. We finally captured the sound we want during a recording. And also the vocals have improved.

Musicscan: Can you tell me a little bit more about the song "Forever" (sorry, i got no booklet); is this song a dedication to a friend who died?

Discipline: The song "Forever" is a dedication to 2 friends of ours, who died last year in a car-accident. They were always present at most of the shows and one of the guys also was the singer of dutch HC band Guilty. It's tragic that these two guys had to die so young. Rest in peace brothers!

Musicscan: How do you guys write your songs in general? First the music and the the lyrics? Or do you have the hookline first and then you´ll write the music?

Discipline: Most of the times we first write the music and then the lyrics. Since I wrote most of the music and all the lyrics, often I come to a rehearsal with a song. We play it and maybe change some things, that's how we work.

Musicscan: You´re known as diehard football supporters. So i think i can also ask you some football related questions? Is it right that Joost got banned from PSV´s Philips Stadium?

Discipline: Yes, I got banned for 2 years. At the moment I have 10 months to go.

Musicscan: A couple of months ago i read about racism in dutch stadiums. And also that Frank Rijkaard got racist threatening letters? What do you think about that?

Discipline: I think that whole issue was a bit overdone by the media. In Holland it's nothing worse than in other countries like England or Germany. But anyway, rascism has got nothing to do with football so leave it out of the stadiums and out of the sport. It ruins the game!!

Musicscan: Ok, now let´s talk about the upcoming split live release with Agnostic Front. When do you record it?

Discipline: The split-album was released at the end of november on I Scream Records In Europe. The album was recorded at a show Discipline and Agnostic Front Did together in the summer of 2001 in Kontich, Belgium. 13 songs from both bands and it's a great album.

Musicscan: I think it´s great to have these two bands together on one album. Who has the idea to make this happen?

Discipline: Well, we were gonna do some live-recordings for a 12" picture disc. Since the recording-equipment was there anyway, Roger (AF) asked if it would be a good idea to record both bands and do a split album.

Musicscan: You´re an absolutely live band! (I saw you a few times) How many gigs did you played in your careerso far? Or how many in 2002?

Discipline: I don't know how many shows we did so far, but probably around 350. This year we did I think 60 shows.

Musicscan: How was the resistance tour? It was a very special and strong line up and you were a part of it. I think it must be a cool experience to tour europe with other bands.

Discipline: The Resistance-tour was fuckin' great!! It was a very strong line-up and all the bands got along very well. We played in front of a crowded or sold out house every night and made many new friends. One of the best tours we did so far.

Musicscan: Any last words at the end of the interview?

Discipline: Thanx for the interview. I want to thank all the people who supported us over the years!! Make sure to check out our new album "Saints & Sinners" and visit our website www.discipline.nl We hope to see you all at one of our shows in the near future.
Cheers, Joost - Discipline

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