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Shadows Fall

Interview von: arne mit Matt, am: 13.03.2002 ]

Massachusetts' SHADOWS FALL zählen ohne Frage zu den führenden Bands im modernen Metal. Ende Januar ist mit "The Art Of Balance" das dritte Album der Band erschienen und jeder, der für sich in Anspruch nimmt, Heavy Metal zu hören, muss dieses Werk lieben! Die Verschiedenartigkeit der Songs ist ihr größtes Charakteristikum. Das musikalische Spektrum ist sehr breit angelegt und die fünf Musiker haben sich selbst keine Grenzen auferlegt. Grundlegend hat man es mit tightem, treibendem und Melodie-lastigem Death-Metal-Sound zu tun, der immer wieder durch Elemente aus Trash, Hardcore und klassischem Heavy Metal erweitert wird.


Musicscan: give our readers a short briefing about shadows fall, please. what are you guys doing at the moment?

Shadows Fall: getting ready to start tourign again... we head to japan and the UK this week and go straight to the USA for a month headlining tour. After that its Children of bodom / soilwork in Europe and on to OZZFEST!!!!!

Musicscan: you are going to play some japan-shows with killswitch engage and caliban in a couple of days. what are your expectations for those gigs and what do you think about this two bands?

Shadows Fall: both bands are very good friends of ours and the last 2 times we were in japan were amazing so this time should be great as well.

Musicscan: you played this european tour with kittie. what do you remind of this gigs besides your van broke on the way to berlin ;-)

Shadows Fall: Great shows, amazing crouds, and ALOT of BEER!

Musicscan: what kind of mix you have seen as your crowd while touring europe? was it different to the one you have in the states?

Shadows Fall: It can be. The scenes seem to be a little more separated then they are in the US but they are still great.

Musicscan: preparing my questions i read some reviews/ news saying shadows fall is an underrated band here in europe. Do you feel like being underrated? Where do you see the reason for it if it's true?

Shadows Fall: no i dont feel that... any time you read anything like that in the press it is based on one persons opinion. There are alot of bands that i dont like at all, but are considered to be some of the best and most talented badns in the world.. its all based on opinions.

Musicscan: how much attention you put on europe in generall? i know that you are doing very well in the states...

Shadows Fall: we are beginning to put alot of focus on Europe so you will be seeing alot of us soon im sure!

Musicscan: your new record will be released as Lp on lifeforce records. what's your attitude towards lp's?

Shadows Fall: Its cool that people are still buying them.. I have quite a few of them myself so i think its great.

Musicscan: i think there are some hardcore elements on your new record. do you feel it same way? Remembering our last interview you guys told me you are a "true" metal act. this time i think it's a bit wider...

Shadows Fall: well, we are a metal act with no barriers. so we use alot of elements from classical music to classic rock. You are definately bound to find some hardcore in there but hardcore is pretty much simplified metal dont you think?

Musicscan: the new songs are on the one hand much more diverse but at the same time also more focused/ more in one line. do you feel it same way?

Shadows Fall: yes, we had mush more time to spend on the writing process and a more focused and solid album was the result.

Musicscan: do you like to challenge your listeners? how do you go about reaching this goal?

Shadows Fall: always, thats why we have no limits.. we write the music we would want to hear, to keep things interesting. No reason to stay between the lines all the time.

Musicscan: What bores you about heavy music and how do you try to avoid to play boring music?

Shadows Fall: Most of what we listen to isnt metal so when you apply those influences to the metal sound it creates something a little different. we dont try to do this it just kind of happens.

Musicscan: what does it take to write a particular song? have there been any songs so far that were specifically difficult to make?

Shadows Fall: It all depends on the mood that we are in. some songs have taken longer than others and some seem to just fall into place. But thats what creates an interesting album.

Musicscan: are the lyrics equally important to the music? by the way: what is to know about your lyrics? what are topics you deal with? unfortunately i only received some kind of promotional copy without anything...

Shadows Fall: the lyrics are very important and deal with a wide variety of subjects such as personal experience, the media, etc... but i cannot get into this in much detail as brian writes them all and he is really the only one that can answer that.

Musicscan: you surely want to cause feelings and reactions within your listeners. what kind of reactions?

Shadows Fall: we just want them to enjoy the music. There is no message we are trying to get across... its all abotu havign a good time and enjoying the music.

Musicscan: "the art of balance" is release here in europe at the end of january so there a big lag to your US- release. do you understand the decision of century media europe to wait until january? what can be possible reasons? any idea?

Shadows Fall: We needed appropriate time to promote the album. also we were not able to make it over to Europe to tour until now so we wanted to wait until the time was right.

Musicscan: what have been the critics you received for your record in the states?

Shadows Fall: It has been great so far.. hopefully it will stay that way.

Musicscan: there is an older song new recorded on the record. (are there more?) why did you choose to rework this one?

Shadows Fall: that song istn an older one. It was only intended as a bonus track for japan and was written for the art of balance in the first place.. it was re-recorded due to the face that we have a different drummer now.

Musicscan: how does the artwork of the record relate to its music? i mean, you play straight-forward metal-sound but i wouldn't call the artwork typical for a metal-band...

Shadows Fall: that is because we are not the typical metal band. again, no bounderies. It represents balance, between all kinds of music on one record.

Musicscan: where do you see shadows fall in the grand scheme of heavy music?

Shadows Fall: hopefully we will find our own home. We just want to do this for a livign and hopefully we will get there.

Musicscan: your sound has a very european flavor. are those BIG swedish metal heros influences on your band?

Shadows Fall: We are fans of those bands but i wouldnt really call them influences. altho some of that sound does make its way into the music.

Musicscan: do you feel sucessfull as a band?

Shadows Fall: getting there i hope.

Musicscan: what about touring europe agian - is there a chance to see shadows fall play live here in germany soon?

Shadows Fall: You will see us with Children of bodom and Soilwork in April/May

Musicscan: Something you'd like to add?

Shadows Fall: www.shadowsfall.com

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