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Poets Of The Fall

Interview von: arne mit Marko, am: 19.10.2012 ]

Zwischen Melodie, Melancholie, Pathos und Hymne finden die Finnen zu tollen Songs im Spannungsfeld von Pop und Rock, die allesamt von Beginn an ins Ohr gehen und sich dort länger während festsetzen. Fast ist es ein Klischee, doch für POETS OF THE FALL sind die düster-romantischen Balladen das liebste Steckenpferd. Rockige Akzente setzen die Musiker nach wie vor, doch die Tendenz weist auf „Temple Of Thought“ mehr denn je in Richtung Pop, ohne dass die Gruppe die Verbindung zu ihren früheren Releases und nötiger Kontur abreißen lassen würde.


Musicscan: From what there is to read people who got introduced to your band often were impressed by your melancholic approach to music. What do you think about statements like these, and what is your approach towards music and being Poets Of The Fall?

Poets Of The Fall: A lot of the time, we see people asking about this, or dubbing us or our music melancholy. Sure the vibe can be felt. After all, for us, music is all about feeling. But I'd like to point out that, melancholy is just one color in a palette. It exists in every human being on the planet and is therefore recognizable, but it's by no means a definition of us or our music. We just like to use it, if it fits with what we're composing and working on the lyrics. Haha, I might add, that we rarely find anything in major key to be interesting for longer than a couple of minutes. But if you look closer, and that's what I'd like you to do, you may find that positivity is hidden in every syllable, behind every comma, if you look close enough :)

Musicscan: You were tagged with having a somehow dark and Gothic-related sound when you came up. Do you still feel attached to this, or have you outgrown that now?

Poets Of The Fall: If we'd held on to every tag we were tagged with, we'd be a pretty pile of tags by now :) I'd say, while we love a wide variety of music, love the dark, love the gothic and so on, we simply do what intuition dictates. I guess because we pretty much cross every genre that comes along, we get to actually be very free in the way we write music. We are our only limitation in that sense.

Musicscan: Do you still remember when you wrote your first song for/with Poets Of The Fall and what it felt like? How has your relationship to the music changed over time? How it feels like now when you finish a song?

Poets Of The Fall: I remember, clear as yesterday, and that's on of the perks of this trade, it decorates your time on this earth with such vivid memories, tiny jewels in time, which flicker in the distance, beckoning you to come call on them again, like old friends... ahem, sorry, what was the question :) Yeah, I remember the first song and the next etc. and it still feels as exhilarating today to write and complete songs... Every job has days when you absolutely love it, then hate to love it the next, and then love to hate it the day after and so on, ours is no exception.

Musicscan: From my point of view your taste in music has become wider over the years. True? And were there any musical elements you meant to incorporate in “Temple Of Thought” by choice?

Poets Of The Fall: The way we feel about it is that music for us is just music, without genres or boundaries. It either irks you or makes your soul sing. Still I guess you could say that our musical tastes have grown wider over the years.

Musicscan: Do you feel that Poets Of The Fall have found its “own” sound already, or are you still evolving and searching for it?

Poets Of The Fall: From what I've been told, the sound of Poets of the Fall is unmistakeable, but it is also an ever evolving force of nature if you will, as we are constantly hungry to try out something new, something that inspires us and makes us grow somehow, and so the sound gets a new vibe...

Musicscan: A more general one: Where do you see the line drawn between progressing on what you do well, and completely offering a new direction or sound? Especially in the context of your band of course…

Poets Of The Fall: Do you want to cook that exquisite spaghetti and meat balls over and over again, or would you rather try, say, jambalaya to throw off your cowl of joyous routine? The fine line can just be witnessed carousing happily between COW and RAGE :)

Musicscan: What do you feel you accomplished with finishing work on “Temple Of Thought” ? Did you meet your own expectations?

Poets Of The Fall: Temple of Thought is a very free album. Eclectic musically and lyrically. It has a story and a musical integrity which allows it to stand alone, but it also successfully ties in with our history, with Signs of life and Carnival of Rust. For us it's proof that we can give ourselves the freedom to choose and decide what and how we want Poets of the Fall to sound like.

Musicscan: The songs on “Temple Of Thought” cover a lot of bases musically - there's something for everyone within the rock underground I would say. Did this happen by accident or intention?

Poets Of The Fall: Intention rears its head...

Musicscan: Listening to your songs makes one wonder about the intensity. It´s definitely more than just music. It´s also the atmosphere you create. Is the mentioned intensity something you are striving for by choice?

Poets Of The Fall:... and pokes you between the ribs with it's gnarly knuckles...

Musicscan: All of your lyrics seem to take a quite melancholic viewpoint on life. What would you retort to that? Am I right with this? What causes this?

Poets Of The Fall: Haha, on the contrary, couldn't be further from the truth :) We all experience things through our own filters, don't we, what does that say about...? :) Like I mentioned earlier, if you look closer you may find something you didn't expect at first glance. Our goal is to hint of different points of view just enough to get you thinking... "without silence, there can be no music".

Musicscan: When you strip Poets Of The Fall down to its core, what would you say is the essence of the band?

Poets Of The Fall: Poets of the Fall is a decision to choose to enjoy this life and to carry the responsibility that freedom has painted on its prominent forehead.

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