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The Durango Riot

Interview von: arne mit Fred, am: 16.10.2012 ]

Die Ambitionen sind groß, und an einer breiten Brust mangelt es den Schweden nicht. „Backwards Over Midnight“ ist Ausdruck des grenzenlosen Selbstbewusstseins, mit dem THE DURANGO RIOT antreten, wie auch der Routine, die sich die Band seit der Veröffentlichung ihres Debüts „Telemission“ erarbeitet hat. Im Songwriting agieren die Musiker mit mehr Geradlinigkeit und Zug. Die Ideen werden heute konsequenter zu Ende gedacht und zwingender in schroffe Hymnen übersetzt. Die Mischung aus Arschtritt und Eingängigkeitswert wird auf dem Zweitwerk überzeugend inszeniert.


Musicscan: Could you please shortly introduce yourself and your band The Durango Riot to our readers? If you would have to say what your band and especially the philosophy behind your band is all about – how would that description be like?

The Durango Riot: Hello, I'm Fred and I'm the singer and one of 4 members of a rock’n’roll clan called The Durango Riot. The idea and philosophy behind what we're doing is simply to make our own favorite music. It's about creating a groove and an expression to call our own.

Musicscan: You guys have been around for some time now. What is behind bands longevity? What fuels the fire and keeps you guys interested in the music you create?

The Durango Riot: Well, there's really nothing more exciting than getting a new song together. Nothing beats that feeling. I think the fire and energy springs from that excitement. And playing live is never ever boring! The day I find myself bored on stage I quit. Think the secret is to always be on a run, musically and creatively. That'll keep you alive longer.

Musicscan: You are touring with Kraftklub right now and will be on tour with Royal Republic and Donots afterwards. Do you view the ability to tour with friends as a luxury or a necessity? At least i read that you already know those bands...

The Durango Riot: It's really just Kraftklub we're friends with since before, cause we toured with them last year and had some really good times together. The other bands seems like good folks as well though.

Musicscan: Would you agree to say The Durango Riot is kind of an underground-band with an underground-ethic? How big can a band like yours grow commercial-wise, what do you think?

The Durango Riot: We definitely come from some sort of underground scene, yes, but I think ambitions and goals like ours are hard to keep underground for too long. Anyway I don't really think of music as underground or not. It's just good or bad basically.

Musicscan: Does the band pay the bills or do you have to take on "regular" jobs? If yes, what are you doing, and how do you make sure to have enough time for touring?

The Durango Riot: The Durango Riot is our full-time job, we don't do anything else more than occasionally when we need to pay a rent or so. As long as we're on tour that's not an issue.

Musicscan: What type of success did you hope to gain with Backwards Over Midnight? Would you say that it is harder for a European band to gain the success it deserves?

The Durango Riot: Our goal is to just keep on growing and reach more people with the music. We're extremely proud over the work we've done on Backwards Over Midnight and the result came out really great. Without any grandiose illusions I really believe the album will reach it's right audience sooner or later.

Musicscan: You made an album that displays diversity, honesty and true character. It seems like Backwards Over Midnight is a whole new start for you guys. Did you feel more change once you hit the studio or did everything come to you while the writing?

The Durango Riot: Something definitely changed in our way of writing the songs but the album came together piece by piece really. You kind of stumble upon something interesting, some new sound maybe and you just explore the possibilities together in the studio. By the time we started to record it we had a pretty clear vision of what we wanted it to be like.

Musicscan: How do you feel Backwards Over Midnight differs from your last record? As far as I´m concerned your 2nd album is an even more rock-orientated one on the one hand side, as well as it is a very atmospheric record in its slower moments...

The Durango Riot: When we made the first album we just figured it might be the last thing we ever did, so everything had to be thrown in there. And we made it as loud as possible! With Backwards over Midnight we had more ways of getting the same energy out, and we were more confident about the musical directions. I'm really thrilled to see were we can take this on the next albums.

Musicscan: I was impressed of the emotional depth of the new record. Is atmosphere something what has become more important to the band?

The Durango Riot: Everything we do just happens, we don't talk about it really. We found a groove we all liked and then we just kicked in the door and stayed in that place for a while. Our music suffers from a serious case of split personality which I really enjoy.

Musicscan: What makes Backwards Over Midnight special to you? How would you describe the essence of the album?

The Durango Riot: Backwards Over Midnight is simply our best work so far, every little thing on it is our band at it's peak. The essence of the album is even more simple, it's great rock’n’roll for everyone.