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Interview von: Janick mit Michael, am: 03.03.2003 ]

Die New Yorker von INHUMAN hatten in der Vergangenheit riesiges Pech mit den Plattenfirmen, doch sie haben sich nicht unterkriegen lassen. Ihr Blick geht nur nach vorne und nicht zurück. Mit der MCD "Black Reign" erschien kürzlich ein neues Lebenszeichen der Band auf R.P.P. Die Jungs spielen NY-HC, liegen dabei neben den gängigen Standards und lassen den Songs einen düsteren Touch beiwohnen, der an die Misfits erinnert. Ende März werden sie zum ersten Mal "rübermachen" um hier die Clubs zum Kochen zu bringen. Die Euro-Tour wird von uns mit präsentiert und da gehört natürlich ein ordentliches Bandfeature dieser interessanten Herren dazu.


Musicscan:First of all, please introduce yourself and then the rest of the band.

Inhuman: I´m Michael, the vocalist. On guitar it's Joseph James, Hank Hell on the bass and on the drums it's Steve Gallo.

Musicscan: What should our readers know about INHUMAN - please give a short briefing.

Inhuman: INHUMAN was started in 1995 by me and since then there have been several members who have come and gone, but that's that past and the past is dead and gone. We have put out 2 full length cd's, a few 7"s and have been on many compilations. We play Dark Hardcore/Punk Rock with some Metal in there as well.

Musicscan: You guys got a lot of line-up changes in the last 8 years. What were the reasons and do you now find a strong line-up?

Inhuman: A band is like a family, sometimes the family has problems and people can fight or leave. Like I said, the past is not important to me. INHUMAN as it stands now is the best line-up we have ever had in my opinion and we are writing the best songs we have ever written. Joe has been with me since 1997, Hank since 2000 and Steve since 2001.

Musicscan: Your last full length album "rebellion" was released in the US back in 1999 and in Europe it was released on Kingfisher in 2001. Why does it take so long?

Inhuman: Mainly due to problems with the line-up and being on terrible record labels who stopped caring if they ever really cared at all. "Rebellion" was released in Oct 1999 in the US on Exit/Wreckage Records, what was once a great label. By Dec of 1999, the owners of the label decided that they didn´t want to be in the music biz anymore and our cd wound up getting no distribution, no advertising and hardly any press. At one point in 2000, the label I SCREAM in Europe wanted to put out "Rebellion" for Europe, but Exit screwed that one up as well and never got back to them. So, in 2001, "Rebellion" finally gets a European release on Kingfisher. But yet again, Kingfisher closes it's doors weeks after that cd comes out as well, ha! Great luck we have, no?

Musicscan: Did INHUMAN still exists between your last output "rebellion" and your new ep "black rain" or did you maybe split up?

Inhuman: No, we never broke up. But we didn't tour and we didn't put anything new out either. At one point in late 2001, we almost broke up, but I changed my mind and it never happened. This band doesn´t function like most bands I guess, we do it strictly for ourselves and the people who like what we do.

Musicscan: Why do you choose to release an ep instead of a full length? Didn´t you had enough material or is it maybe to show the kids that you´re still alive?

Inhuman: More to let the kids know we are still alive, really. "Black Reign" is a demo from 2001 that was never meant to be officially released, but we decided that people should hear it, especially Europeans who give us more respect and appreciation than people in the U.S. do.

Musicscan: R.P.P. released "black rain". How did you get in contact with these guys?

Inhuman: I have known Alain from RPP a long time, since the early 90's when I was in a band called CONFUSION as a bass player. At some point in 2002, he asked me if INHUMAN had any unreleased material we would like to put out, we did and it went on from there.

Musicscan: Will "black rain" also be released in the US and on wich label?

Inhuman: No, "Black Reign" will only be on RPP. Some of the tracks on it will be re-recorded and re-done on our next full length called "The New Nightmare" coming summer 2003 on A-F Records in America.

Musicscan: You guys play NYHC (no question about that) but i think you also have a dark edge in your music it seems that there´s maybe a Misfits touch in it, is this right?

Inhuman: I think you hit it right on the head there, I like to call what we do Dark Hardcore-Punk. That tag covers all of the bases for INHUMAN, especially what we have been about for the past 3 years or so. All my life I have been attracted to the dark side of life and humanity. Black has always been my favorite color and as far as my lyrics go, if you look closely into them, they are pretty dark as well.

Musicscan: How would you describe your sound to somebody who never heard of INHUMAN? And what are your main influences?

Inhuman: Lately people have been saying CRO-MAGS meets the MISFITS/SAMHAIN which is fine by me. Compared to what most of the modern "Hardcore" scene is doing lately, I think INHUMAN sounds like no one out right now. My main personal influences go from Nick Cave and the Sisters of Mercy to early 80's Hardcore like Negative Approach to the late 80's bands like Sheer Terror. Im a huge fan of Death Metal and Black Metal as well and have been for ages, just like Hardcore.

Musicscan: Are the lyrics equally important to the music? Did INHUMAN has a specific message?

Inhuman: Each song can carry a different message or meaning for me. A song like "Darker Than You Think" is about self-realization and new beginnings, accepting yourself for who you are and reveling in it. "Killing Me" is about a girl I was in love with who was/is a heroin addict. I do think that the overall message of INHUMAN is about indivduality, rebellion and non-conformity as well as finding the light in the darkness.

Musicscan: What is the song you guys feel especially proud of? (whether compositionally, lyrically,...)

Inhuman: For me the lyrics to "Killing Me" seem to have struck a chord with alot of people and I think that's great. As far as the music, I wrote most of the music to he track "Life Is Miserable" and I really like that song, alot of energy and it's catchy too, I think at least. On the next cd, there are a few songs where the lyrics are going to shock a few people and I'm really looking forward to that.

Musicscan: I guess you still have to work regular jobs besides playing music - what are you doing?

Inhuman: I am a sales manager at an independant record label, Hank is a graphic designer at an advertsisng company, Joe does shipping and recieving at an electronics store and Steve works odd jobs and plays in other bands. No, Harcore doesn't pay any bills at all for INHUMAN.

Musicscan: Your upcoming european-tour will be your first tour here, right? what are your expactations?

Inhuman: The band is really looking forward to it, you have no idea! Im hoping the shows will be good, we plan on putting on a great show, that's for sure!

Musicscan: What do you think/know about the european hardcore scene?

Inhuman: I only know good things really, from the stories I have heard from bands like SHUTDOWN, ALL OUT WAR, ON THE RISE, friends of ours. I hope kids like to dance and sing along and have fun, that's what it's all about. I´m also looking forward to talking with the kids to, seeing what they think about INHUMAN.

Musicscan: When can we expect the next full length, maybe this year?

Inhuman: I´d say summer 2003 in the states. We hope this next cd can get liscensed to Europe alot quicker that "Rebellion" did, that's for sure! The new cd will be called "The New Nightmare" and will have 10 songs on it. Some of which are without a doubt, the hardest and heaviest we have ever done.

Musicscan: Is there something you'd like to add? Or any last words?

Inhuman: Thank you so much for the interview. Please check out our website for the European tour dates at www.inhumanlegion.com and stay strong!

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