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Interview von: Janick mit Tony, am: 22.02.2003 ]

Die Jungs aus dem Osten von Pennsylvania haben mit ihrem schlicht selbstbetitelndem Album einen wirklich interessanten Einstand bei Roadrunner Records verzeichnen können. Der 5er weicht mit seiner Art von Musik aus dem Gros der letzten Releases von Roadrunner ab. SINCH versuchen ihre musikalischen Ideen und Visionen eigenständig umzusetzten, daher sind Vergleiche mit bereits etablierten Bands schwer zu ziehen. Dieser Umstand und natürlich ein selbsterfundenes Gerät mit dem Namen "Ocular Noise Machine" machen den Newcomer (der in Wirklichkeit keiner mehr ist) interssant genug, um mehr über die Band und die Menschen hinter SINCH erfahren zu wollen.


Musicscan:Please introduce yourself and then the rest of the band.

Sinch:I´m Tony, the guitarist. Jamie sings, Dan plays drums, Mike plays bass, and Jay plays the viditar (ocular noise machine)

Musicscan:What should we know about SINCH? Please sum up your history.

Sinch:Well, we´ve been together as the same members since 1995, we´ve released 3 independent albums, and our newest release is our first record label debut.

Musicscan:How would you describe your sound to other people and how would you call it?

Sinch:I would say it´s rock with a little bit of electronic mixed in as well as live video.

Musicscan:In my opinion there are different styles of music on your album, do you agree? Is it import to you to make a varied album?

Sinch:Yes, I agree. It´s definitely important to us to make an album with variety. We all come from different musical backgrounds, so we try to express as many feelings as possible.

Musicscan:What kind of music is boring for you and how do you try to avoid to play boring music?

Sinch:A lot of the U.S. radio stuff is boring to me. I don´t think we consciously try to avoid being boring. We just try to keep ourselves entertained.

Musicscan:Do you want to please a specific target group?

Sinch:No. Our music is for everyone.

Musicscan:What are your main influences?

Sinch:I personally listen to a lot of electronic, (Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Bjork). Some artists we all enjoy are Beck, Tool, Pavement, and Cat Power. There are tons more, but I think I´ll run out of space!

Musicscan:Which are your favourite bands? Do you all hear the same kind of music?

Sinch:I don´t have a favorite. There are so many artists who are good in different ways that it´s hard to choose. We listen to some, but not all, of the same stuff.

Musicscan:Are the lyrics equally important as your music? And what are your lyrics mainly deal with?

Sinch:I think the lyrics are just as important. Jamie mainly writes about life experiences, good and bad.

Musicscan:How much attention do you guys put on europe? Are there any tour plans so far?

Sinch:No plans so far. I know we´re all very excited to come over some time. I´m ecstatic that people so far away get to hear our work.

Musicscan:What does the name or the word SINCH mean? (Couldn«t find it in my dictionary! ;-)

Sinch:It doesn´t really mean anything. We just think of it as a name for what we do.

Musicscan:Why does it took so long (8 years) to realase an album on a (major) label?

Sinch:We´ve always been a "do it yourself" kind of band. We didn´t start out thinking about record deals or money. We just enjoyed working together independently. I´m glad it took so long - we could develop as artists before we let everyone hear us.

Musicscan:Why do you choose Roadrunner Records as your label? And how do you get in contact with them?

Sinch:An old friend of ours, Paul Conroy, was active in the local scene for a while, and right around the time we finished our last EP, he had got a job working for roadrunner in publishing. He let them listen to it and got a promotion; now he´s our A&R.

Musicscan:I bet you had this one a thousand times! What is the ocular noise machine?

Sinch:It´s a device that one member of the band Jay Smith invented that controls video. It´s "played" live rather than just hitting play on a VCR. Me and Jay work together in creating custom video clips and animation for our performances. It´s hard to explain; you´ve got to see it.

Musicscan:What do you guys do in "real" life - beside the music? What kind of jobs do you have?

Sinch:We try to keep busy. I do animation, Jay does video editing and film work, Dan is a web developer.

Musicscan:At the end of the interview any last words or is there something you like to add?

Sinch:I just want to say thanks for the interview, and I hope you enjoy the album. Hope to see you soon!!!! -tony

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