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The Folk Implosion

Interview von: Matthias Rauch mit Lou Barlow, am: 12.02.2003 ]

Lou Barlow ist einer der letzten Indierock-Helden. Mit seiner Band Sebadoh hat er unzählige Gitarrenbands der 90er beeinflusst und tut dies immer noch. Das Kapitel Sebadoh ist jedoch jetzt für ihn abgeschlossen und er hat sich zusammen mit seinem langjährigen Freund und Weggefährten Russ Pollard und Imaad Wassif (ex-Alaska) zu einem neuen Projekt zusammengefunden: The Folk Implosion. Wer einmal richtig große Songs schreiben konnte, verliert diese Fähigkeit selten und so hat auch das Debütalbum der Band "The New Folk Implosion" einige sehr geniale Songs zu bieten, die im weiten Spannungsfeld von Indierock und Folk zu oszillieren scheinen. Mr. Barlow stellte sich zwar nicht gerade als außerst gesprächig heraus, dennoch wollten wir euch nicht vorenthalten, was der gute Mann zu sagen hat. Wir sprachen über Bush, Lieblingsplatten und gute Vorsätze für das neue Jahr.


Musicscan: What keeps you going after such a long time of being a full-time musician, countless releases with several bands and projects, having experienced almost every possible aspect of the music business?

The Folk Implosion: #1 fear...#2 a deep love of performing...#3 the incredible sense of satisfaction I get when I complete a song...#4 opportunity for travel

Musicscan: Do you consider The Folk Implosion a project or a fully functioning band?

The Folk Implosion: I consider it a fully functioning project band. It's my band, my only band. It has arms, legs, lungs and a heart.

Musicscan: Where do you draw your inspiration from? What artists (not necessarily limited to musicians) inspire you?

The Folk Implosion: Bands I dislike inspire me to be unlike them (thereby inspiring me). For example Dave Mathews, Foo Fighters, Jack Johnson, Creed. Bands and artists I love make me feel like quitting. They have, possibly, said everything worth saying. I am thinking of Black Sabbath, Miro, Joseph Cornell, The Shins, Dan Clowes, Jim Henson, The Beatles, Quix*o*tic and on and on and on and on. With all the amazing art and music in the world already, I sometimes wonder why I bother.

Musicscan: It sometimes seems like you have a rather theoretical approach towards music. Do you actually think a lot about your music or is it a pretty spontaneous thing where you don't want to change a whole lot about what emerged creatively?

The Folk Implosion: It doesn't have to be one or the other, it's both. The creative process is complicated, some things fly out, some want to be crafted. Sometimes no one can tell the difference.

Musicscan: Why did John Davis leave the band? What kind of impact did he have musically and how is working with Imaad Wassif different? How is the current band chemistry?

The Folk Implosion: These are questions too intense to answer honestly. John was a great partner, he left for personal reasons. Imaad and Russell are my friends, I love making music with them. I'm very excited about the future

Musicscan: How did the tour with the Melvins turn out? It is not what you would call a perfect match, musically at least. How was the response?

The Folk Implosion: It was great, their audience was tolerant if not downright into it. We were matched quite well, age and taste-wise. We did a Bob Seger cover with Dale Crover every night, it was tremendous.

Musicscan: What does Lou Barlow do when he is not involved with music? What are your other passions in life?

The Folk Implosion: I like drawing on paper with markers and pens. And maintaining my websites www.folkimplosion.com and www.loobiecore.com. Other than that living, loving and feeding the cats.

Musicscan: The New Folk Implosion sounds pretty straight forward and optimistic compared to a couple of your previous releases. Why do you feel different now and how did you achieve this transition?

The Folk Implosion: That's funny, because most people have said it's heavy and depressing. I think it's depressing and optimistic like all my records. A little bit of sugar, a little bit of salt.

Musicscan: How was 2002 for you and what are some of your resolutions for the new year?

The Folk Implosion: 2002 was not bad. It was actually the best year in years. As far as resolutions go: 1. Don't drink too much 2. Don't smoke too much 3. Don't act spoiled 4. Rock

Musicscan: What is your opinion on the current foreign and domestic policies of the Bush administration? What has changed since the election? Do you think that right-wing, conservative governments generate subversive underground movements, not only on a political, but also on an artistic and cultural level?

The Folk Implosion: I am horrified, angry, speechless. Bush and all he represents makes me ill. Friends and family are losing their jobs. This discontent will find a voice.

Musicscan: Current favorite records, books and movies?

The Folk Implosion: Record: Quix*o*tic- Mortal Mirror Movie: Adaptation Book: The Tenacity of the Cockroach- Interviews from the Onion

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