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Interview von: arne mit Marios & Antony, am: 22.01.2012 ]

NIGHTRAGE haben längst ihre Spuren im skandinavischen Metal hinterlassen und sind eine Größe, mit der zu rechnen ist und die für Qualität birgt. Über die Jahre und Veröffentlichungen hinweg haben sich Mastermind Marios Iliopoulos & Co. zu einem generellen, hartnäckigen Sound vorgearbeitet, der die besten Momente von melodischem Death und harschem Thrash Metal mit progressiven Tendenzen und einem reflektierten Gitarrenspiel zusammenbringt – auch zuletzt auf „Insidious“, das im Herbst 2011 erschienen ist.


Musicscan: Did the feedback and the reactions meet your expectations you have had before Insidious was released?

Nightrage: Marios: Yeah we are happy of how the overall press and the majority of fans reacted to the new album. Of course there have been some negative reactions to it but we have that thing on every album we have released so far, and we are not expecting everyone to like our album, that wound be weird to be honest. There’s must be a balance.

Musicscan: Would it be fair to say Insidious is somehow something like a “best of” record of Nightrage? All the qualities you have become known for are to find on it, the most prominent ex-members have guest-appearances, and all songs seem to be metal-hymns in between being catchy, aggressive and technical…

Nightrage: Marios: I can agree with u on this, with Insidious we took all the best parts from the past albums, and put them on one album, we didn’t change the style of the band only make it more mature and wanted to still remain uncompromising and heavy to the bone. We don’t believe on evolution when bands change their style and become something else, we are happy playing the music we want to hear as fans of metal, and we don’t want to become a joke. Thanks for the nice word about our album we are always happy when people embracing our music.

Musicscan: How the collaborations with all the guests did came to be? Or has it been some kind of good-bye for you (Marios) before returning to Greece?

Nightrage: Marios: Well I was already back in Greece, when we recorded this album, so calling all those guests was like introducing them again to the world, and ask some good old friends to help us make the album better, and add their own kind of magic on the songs we had.

Musicscan: From my point of view your taste in music has become more focused again with the last two albums. True? Can you perhaps tell us something about the intention and the spirit of the band at present. What kind of philosophy is the basis for what you are doing right now, and what is driving your creativity?

Nightrage: Marios: Yeah in a way we wanted to be the band that were on the first 2 albums, we had a sort of change on the third album that could change the band for good. But in the end we didn’t want to become another trendy band. Our philosophy was that we want to express ourselves without having to worry with what other bands are doing and not follow the trends of the day. Our creativity and inspiration comes straight from the heart, we are lovers of metal music and we don’t want to forget that, we mostly we are a metal band, this is our basis and that’s how we want things to be in this band. Heavy, pure, melodic, with painful lyrics.

Musicscan: Listening to Insidious makes one wonder about the intensity of your songs. It´s definitely more than just music. It´s also the atmosphere you create. Was the mentioned intensity something you were striving for?

Nightrage: Marios: I don’t know why but this intensity its always there on our music, it’s the way that we put together the riffs and the lyrics that we have, it always creates a mysterious intensity, like we have a lot of things to say and the only way to deliver all those different emotions, its only possible through our songs and our music in general. That why I think Nightrage is a unique band and it will survive all those different trends, when bands will run to catch the latest trend, we will be still here and do what we love to do.

Musicscan: Insidious is brutal, technical, melodic and well balanced to keep the listeners interested from start to finish. How did you approach the songwriting to gain such a result?

Nightrage: Marios: We always trying to write good songs and that’s we always think, make the best arrangements and also the best songs that we can, We don’t want to have fillers on the album, only songs that we are proud of, and also keep the interest of the listener all over the album.

Musicscan: Is there something like a guiding line listeners have to know about to get a better understanding of what you are trying to tell them with Insidious?

Nightrage: Antony: Not really. In my opinion lyrics should be up to them to decide. Most kids today don't even buy albums so they have to look the lyrics up online (Laughs). And most of them are to lazy to that even. But most of our fans actually find some kind of personal meaning in our lyrics for them. And that's exactly what it's about for me, I like when they think for themselves.

Musicscan: Have you been surprised by the fact, that listeners from different musical tastes are getting Nightrage and your albums? What this the explanation from your point of view?

Nightrage: Antony: I think that is because we all have different tastes in music other than Death Metal. And no matter what that comes across in our playing style. So when I hear someone with different tastes say "Hey, I don't know a lot about this kind of music, but I really like you guys"; I kind of understand why (Laughs).

Musicscan: Insidious and Wearing a Martyr’s Crown have been released on vinyl recently. From my point of view all relevant metal albums have to have vinyl pressings, but how do you feel about it?

Nightrage: Antony: I agree with you. Vinyl is something I've been into since I was a kid. Recording a 7 inch was like the ultimate thing in the underground back in the early 90's. It also sounds better! So yea, I just always tell people if they don't have "Seven Churches" on vinyl then they don't know shit!

Musicscan: What are your plans for 2012, what have your fans to be prepared for?

Nightrage: Antony: Touring and writing a new album towards the end of the year. Things may go in a different order but that's what they can expect.

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