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The Duskfall

Interview von: Nis mit Mikael, am: 28.01.2003 ]

The Duskfall sind meiner Meinung nach eine DER Newcomer Bands in der Metalszene. Die Band besteht aus den Köpfen von Gates Of Ishtar und ist auch musikalisch nicht all zu weit weg von der Kultband! Gitarrist Mikael war so nett mit, mit Rede und Antwort zu stehen...


Musicscan:To start off the interview please introduce your band to our readers, where you´re coming from?

The Duskfall:We are from the northern parts of Sweden, from a town called Lulea.

Musicscan:Beside playing in your band what kinds of jobs do guys you have? I think that THE DUSKFALL isn´t a fulltime job yet.

The Duskfall:We are all currently studying or working on temporary jobs.

Musicscan:When did your band come together? Please give us a brief survey about the band´s history.

The Duskfall: The band was formed in January 1999 by myself and Glenn. Back then it was supposed to be more of a "jam/cover" metalproject, playing metal in the vein of Pantera and Judas Priest. It only took a couple of rehersals until we realized that we wanted to put together a full-time band, playing our own music. At that time I had plans on doing a soloproject after Gates Of Ishtar was buried, named Duskfall, but I changed my mind and took the written material to this new project instead. We started to work on the first couple of songs and finding the right members to fill the empty spots in the band. We had 3 years of struggle with members that didn´t have to time to give their 100% attention to the band and fucked-up recordings that sounded like crap. After deciding to give it one last effort, we got Oskar Karlsson to kill the drums and Kaj Molin to slaughter the bass.. Finally we had a full line-up! In the summer of 2001, we started to rehearse for the recording of the "Deliverance" promo. With the new members we could bring our music to a new level, adding more tecnicallity and advanced structures to the songs. This forced myself to give up the vocals, focusing on my guitarplaying and the microphone was handed over to Kai Jaakkola from Deathbound. And that´s the present line-up!

Musicscan:You released your CD on Black Lotus Records. I´d say that it´s not very common that a swedish band has a greece label. How did you make up that deal?

The Duskfall:We started out by sending around our "Deliverance" promo, but no label was interested. We still recieved excellent response among the fans with the promo, and it was after one of our fans had played it for the staff at Black Lotus Records in Greece, we got signed and could release this debut.

Musicscan:I think U´re already sick of that question, but I´ll ask it anyway: What exactly is the connection between THE DUSKFALL and GATES OF ISHTAR?

The Duskfall:The duskfall is my new band, started from the ashes os the burnt out band Gates Of Ishtar. After recording "At Dusk And Forever", we decided to put G o I to rest and then I started working on a Soloproject, later to become The Duskfall.

Musicscan:So you guys come from Sweden. What is your relation to the scene over there and what do you think of the well known swedish bands like IN FLAMES?

The Duskfall:I think that the swedish scene always has been a bit slow, people here are not the same "hardcore" fans as for instance in Finland, Germany or Greece. There´s still a strong underground movement but people are to spoiled with being able to go to great shows in the bigger towns every now and then. This makes the crowds smaller and instead of having shows for 1000 persons, you´ll play for 100 instead. I like what In Flames are doing, they are not following any guidelines, just making new up as they evolve as musicians. I think it´s great if a band can make music that goes over the genres, making more people aware of the metalscene. This will help all metalacts to get more attention to their music.

Musicscan:What about playing live? Do you play a lot of shows over there? What is the most important thing for you when you are on stage?

The Duskfall:I think that it´s better to be 100% aggression live, all moshing and delivering the power of the music. I don´t like to go to a live show just to se a band stand like statues, trying to get every note right, then I´d rather be listening to their CD.

Musicscan:Can we expect a european tour so that we might get the chance to see you performing live in germany?

The Duskfall:I´d love to come to germany, you have a excellent scene there. It´s all about the arrangements, we have to get a good tour with a strong bill, then we´re there in a heartbeat.

Musicscan:Did any of you go to music school to improve his skills or is the music you make it just a "learning by doing" thing for you?

The Duskfall:Nope, we all have been learning from listening to other musicians and doing lots of practice for several years.

Musicscan:Which bands do you consider as a influence for yourself? Are there some bands that you all VERY like? Regarding this drop us your Top 5 Record Playlist please

The Duskfall:Oh, this variates from day to day. I´ve always been a fan of bands like Yngwie J Malmsteen, Slayer, Deicide and Morbid Angel. They were the main reason for wanting to be a musician. My current playlist:

At The Gates - Terminal Spirit Disease
Opus Atlantica - Opus Atlantica
Deicide - Deicide
Morbid Angel - Altars Of Madness
Slayer - Seasons In The Abyss

Musicscan:Some questions ago I aksed you about the past, now give us some hints about the future of THE DUSKFALL. What can we expect?

The Duskfall:Live Performances, and we have T-Shirts on the way, available ony through our website. I have also started my work on the next CD, 4 songs are done and it will be a killer...

Musicscan:What is the Story behind the name THE DUSKFALL?

The Duskfall:It´s a combination of two words: Dusk = When the sun sets for the day and darkness covers the world. Fall = To fall from grace. You could say that we are "The fallen from grace at dusk". I just liked the sound and intentions of the name so we choose it.

Musicscan:How importat are the lyrics for you? What are your Lyrics about in general?

The Duskfall:The lyrics are my and Kai´s reflections of the world we live in, what´s wrong with it but also personal reflections of things that has happened in our lives. The lyrics means alot to us, it´s an opportunity to get the aggression out and deal with personal situations.

Musicscan:Now a personal question: Do you prefer Vinyl or CD´s? why?

The Duskfall:I perfer CD´s, they are smaller and easier to store. The sound is a bit to clean though, the Lp´s have a rougher, more groovy sound.

Musicscan:OK, that´s it for now! Thank´s a lot for taking the time answering my questions. Anything you still wanna say?

The Duskfall:Thanx for the interesting questions. I hope that all people that reads this goes to our homepage and listen to the samples we have there of "Frailty". We´ll keep posting all news on the progress of the band there: www.theduskfall.com

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