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Cable Car Theory, The

Interview von: arne mit John, am: 19.01.2003 ]

Mit Sicherheit zählt The Cable Car Theory zu den interessantesten New Yorker Bands im emotional-gefärbten Hardcore-Bereich. Nicht grundlos präsentieren wir voller Stolz ihre anstehende Euro-Tour. Das Quartett mischt klassischen DC-Sound mit einer ordentlichen Prise New York Hardcore und liegt damit zwischen vielem, ohne sich vordergründig einer Richtung zu verschreiben. Am 24.02. erscheint auf Defiance eine neue MCD namens „Fables and Fictions“. Grund genug, Sänger John Farag einige Fragen zu stellen.


Musicscan: give our readers a short briefing about the cable car theory, please. introduce your band and its individuals, please.

Cable Car Theory, The: The band is currently John Farag, Brian Galvin, Joseph Cingrana, and Nicholas Carlucci. Our tour line up is going to be Benni Horowitz of the Low End Theory playing drums in place of Joseph, and Nick Gambacorta playing guitar in place of Nick Carlucci.

Musicscan: are you kind of nervous leaving the states to tour europe in a couple of days? what are your expactations for this european tour?

Cable Car Theory, The: We are all a little nervous about certain things, but for the most part we are just excited about gwetting to tour over there. For myself and Brian we are excited to get to go back and see friends we dont usually get to see and play shows with our friends we havent seen in a few years.

Musicscan: how much attention you put on europe in general? is europe one of your target-markets?

Cable Car Theory, The: Obviously Europe is very important to us. . its where we are most appreciated and where we feel we can realte to the attitudes of the kids at the shows the best. As for "Target Markets" - I don't think there is such a thing in punk music. The idea is just to get heard by as many people as possible and if you catch on you catch on but if you dont it doesnt matter because you were playing what you loved, and doing it on your terms so your success or failure is your own personal triumph regardless of record sales or any of that bullshit.

Musicscan: how did you get involved in that kind of music you are playing? why did you want to become active musicians? what has been your motivation?

Cable Car Theory, The: We got involved in hardcore because we all grew up listening to extreme bands in one form or another and the type of band that used to be considered hardcore (because a lot of different things can be called hardcore these days that never would have passed a few years ago) was, before anything else, intense in their entire presentation regardless of musical style. The band that most profoundly influenced CCT was probably Phallacy. They played very intricate jazz-infused hardcore that said something and they were fucking extreme top to bottom. Those guys all played in much bigger bands after Phallacy, however Phallacy was the shit.

Musicscan: do you agree to describe your sound a mixture of classic DC-sound and NY-hardcore? can it be so simple? i mean you play some kind of melodic but still aggressive hardcore...

Cable Car Theory, The: It is pretty much that simple. I mean -we grew up going to NY hardcore shows. My fantasy bands when I was in High school - meaning tha bands I would have loved to play in - were all the older Dischord bands - Dag Nasty, Scream, Shudder to Think, Jawbox, Governemnt Issue, and SoulSide. COmbine that environemnt with those bands as your favorite high school recorsd, and you've got our main influences. There are other bands that influenced us - many of them not even punk or hardcore bands. But primarily if you had to seize a one sentence description - the NYC meets DC thing sticks.

Musicscan: hearing "deconstruction" - it's some kind of emotional journey between all those extremes life and emotions as well have to offer. what makes you write such wide music?

Cable Car Theory, The: Honesty more than anything else causes our diversity. We write what we feel and we say what we think and thats it. Formula writing is for pop records, not for honest musicians.

Musicscan: describe the songwriting process, please. your songs are incredible interesting and complicated but rarely ever stay in one place for too long...

Cable Car Theory, The: Umm. . basically I watch a lot of movies about Frank Herberts books. . .and I sit there and fiddle with my guitar while I watch them and come up with various guitar riffs. These are presented to the band, we mess around with them. After the song is structured, I go about writing the lyrics or changing them to fit the song better. The arrangement is done as a unit.

Musicscan: is it an intentionell drive to make the songs as varied musically as possible?

Cable Car Theory, The: Yes. I hate bands that have a "sound" before they have a statement.

Musicscan: what are you guys doing when you enter your rehearsal room? what's your main focus creating new songs onto?

Cable Car Theory, The: The main focus is on writing music we would want to hear. That doesnt always happen, but thats the drive.

Musicscan: i once read a review saying cable car theory is "a sloping variant of bands like boysetsfire, hot water music..." do you like this? comes it close to what you are doing?

Cable Car Theory, The: I hate that comparison. Its insulting to my band and my music to compare us to assholes like Boy Sets Fire who have used hardcore as a vehicle to self perpetuation without regards for its real integrity. Besides, those guys cant play their instruments very well at all. As for Hot Water Music, we love those guys and have laughed with them about that comparison. Chuck and I were actually talking about this the last time we played with them in Germany and we were both like "Thats the stupidest comparison ever"

Musicscan: what is the thing you guys feel especially proud of (whether compositionally, lyrically,...)?

Cable Car Theory, The: The thing I will alwyas be most proud of is the show and the sang for Aexis Parsons. I will forever be indebted to her spirit for teaching me innumerable lessons, and I will always feel like a part of the Parsons family because of the little thing we did in an attempt to ease their suffering. That can never be taken away by the end of the band, or the changing of members, or even the passage of time.

Musicscan: do you feel sucessfull as a band? i only read very good reviews for your last cd and i think more and more people are into cable car theory...

Cable Car Theory, The: I dont think we're really a successful band. I think we're working towards that, but we're not there yet. To me success is eating the shit and getting the prize, not a good record review. We havent toured too extensively since the Deconstruction, but we're looking to change that. When we have toured for at least 4 months out of a year and we still want to play , then I think Ill call us a success

Musicscan: did you feel some kind of pressure writing new songs? what is to expect for your new mcd?

Cable Car Theory, The: No because the only people who's opinions matter to me about or songs are the other 3 guys playing in the room with me when I write them. Dont get me wrong - I feel really good when people like our songs. Thats a great feeling. But I could take or leave the opinion of a person I am never going to see again with the greatest indifference - where my music is concerned anyway.

Musicscan: do you remember Realign you did a split 7inch with? did you have opportunity to listen to their last record? what do you think of this german band?

Cable Car Theory, The: Realign were the best thing to come out of Germany since Morser first started putting out records. They, along with Loxiran, Come What May, and the Queerfish, were probably the best thing I have heard from Germany in the last 4 years.

Musicscan: have you been signed to rockemotions exclusive when you released "whispers in the wind"?

Cable Car Theory, The: There was never a "signing" with Rockemotions -it was done the old way. We trusted each other to keep our word about the terms of the record. It was all good. Andre worked very hard on that label and rthe records he put out for us and I am very sorry he wont be doing it any longer.

Musicscan: haven't there been any American labels interested in your band at first?

Cable Car Theory, The: well we are on Immigrant Sun in the US, but other than Imm Sun we have only had a few small offers - comps and such -which we always do. But we also havent really looked inoto the idea of anybody doing our recids in the US, so who knows?

Musicscan: where do you see your fanbase? what are the people that are interested in your music?

Cable Car Theory, The: I have no basis to answer this question. We arent a big band that has a "Fanbase" We just have people who can feel what we do.

Musicscan: how important is the band in your life? what does the band stands for out of your view?

Cable Car Theory, The: The band is very important. It has been just as dextructive to my life as it has been a creative outlet. Brian and I both have put our lives totally on hold to see thins thing through and its very tiring and disappointing and it sucks to be poor when we could have had regular careers instead of "Joe Jobs" just so we can go on tours and shit like that for the band. We have sacrificed and we love it so we keep sacrificing. Hopefully one day the music will reciprocate but like I said earlier; even if it doesnt - I still consider it a triumph because I did it on my terms.

Musicscan: something you'd like to add? do it...

Cable Car Theory, The: Yes an artist named Joe Simko just did a whole bunch of posters for us that we are going to be selling on tour and at our going away show tomorrow. His website is www.sweetrot.com, and his artwork is pretty incredible. I hope ya'll check him out - hes pretty amazing. Other than that - steal as much equipment from bands like Good Charlotte and Sum 41 as you can if you see them play. They deserve major ass kickings. Buy Led Zeppelin records.

Musicscan: thanks for answering my questions this fast. it's more than i ever have expected. i'm coming to your show here in berlin, so i guess we will meet persoally in a few days.

Cable Car Theory, The: I look fowrd to meeting you. The interview was very fun, very unusual questions. See you in a few

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