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Interview von: Daniel mit Rasmus, am: 07.06.2011 ]

Manchmal fragt man sich ja schon, auf welche bescheurte Bandnamen manche Leute kommen, aber im Falle von PANZERCHRIST könnte es nicht passender gewählt sein. Die Dänen machen keinerlei (Kriegs-)Gefangene. Es gibt zwölf brutale Granaten, direkt aus der Glattrohrkanone gefeuert. Die Munition, uranangereichert und panzerbrechend, besteht aus einer wüsten Mischung zwischen Death- und Black Metal. Man nehme dazu das technische KnowHow einer DeathMetal-Band und paare dieses mit dem ungestümen Hass eines BlackMetal-Kommandos.


Musicscan: First of all I have to congratulate you guys! The album sure is a killer! Let me know more about the writing process. How long did it take to put the pieces of „Regiment...“ together and do you have enough distance to the album to tell me about the differences to all prior CDs?

Panzerchrist: Thanks a lot. I think we wrote the album in about six months. We’re not that kind of band who rehearse on a regular basis, so the way we go about things are that we meet some weekends and get shit drunk and hope that some music comes out of it. It’s about getting in the right mood that counts. When we have one of those sessions when all is crazy we can write several songs in one day. The way this album differs form the previous is that it is somewhat faster and more raw. We have this one goal of making our music as brutal as we possible can, and I think that we took it all up a notch this time. Other than that there’s not much new to this record. We still play fast and uncompromising metal, doped up on war.

Musicscan: Although the basis seems to be Death-Metal in the end, I sense a strong emphasis on BlackMetal-elements this time. Would you agree? How come? And does it make any difference to you if you're labeled DM or BM?

Panzerchrist: I’m aware that it’s more obvious this time, but for the last three records we have been blending elements from several genres. We don’t see us selves as either a Death Metal or Black Metal band. I’d rather like to say that we play extreme music. We have this urge to make something that just blow people to bits, and in our reach for this we use all the tools we have available. Some DM here, some BM there and a little Punk to make it all go together. If it works, it works.

Musicscan: Who came up with the idea for the war-topic in the beginning? Rather unusal for a DM-band, isn't it? Are there some war-fanatics within the band?

Panzerchrist: The idea came from Michael who also formed the band. I don’t know if it’s an unusual pick of theme for a DM band, but for us it’s the very soul of Panzerchrist. Every tiny bit in our music revolves around the very concept of war. Panzerchrist is just as much about war as it is about music. Our very purpose with this band is to make a soundtrack that goes well with war. To tell stories about war and to wage sonic warfare on those who listens to our music.

Musicscan: After several changes in the line-up do you think that finally with the new record, you found a stable one?

Panzerchrist: No. I’m hoping for it, but with this band no one knows what the fuck waits around the next corner. There are always so many crazy things going on, and it’s not all who have the stomach to deal with it. You have to be somewhat crazy to be in this band and sometimes we recruit people who turns up not being crazy enough. But my gut feeling with this crew is pretty good.

Musicscan: The album too has some more quiet, atmospheric moments that truly stick out. Do you think it's important to have a good mixture between brutality and atmophere?

Panzerchrist: No. When we lay down our weapons once in a while, it’s because the story we tell alters it’s state. There are happy and sad moments in war too, and we have written about many things on this record. If we decide that our next record will be all about the ugliness of war, there will not be a single quiet part.

Musicscan: What does the near future hold for the band? Any plans of touring yet?

Panzerchrist: We have begun playing live again recently and we are going to keep on doing that. I’m not sure if we are going to do a big tour so festivals this summer is what we are gonna do so far. We have also decided that we are through with the long breaks between albums, so we have already begun writing for the next one. And then we are going to make a music video. With big Tanks.

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