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Interview von: arne mit Mikkel Wad Larsen, am: 04.06.2011 ]

HELHORSE ist dänisch, bedeutet Geisterpferd und bezeichnet einen Überbringer von Tod und Zerstörung. Ganz so martialisch und zerstörerisch fällt der Heavy-Sound der Kopenhagener nicht aus, doch die Assoziation passt durchaus. Der düstere Post-Metal des Sextetts speist sich aus Elementen zwischen Thrash, Sludge, Stoner, Southern Rock und einer herben Blues-Kante. Das schwergewichtig wie findungsreich entwickelte „For Wolves And Vultures“ wird HELHORSE auf Augenhöhe mit Heavy-Visionären wie Crowbar, Alabama Thunderpussy, Mastodon, Gojira, Kylesa und Baroness positionieren.


Musicscan: Your first album has been years in the making from what there is to read. Why did it take you so long to write the songs for this first Helhorse album?

Helhorse: Mostly it is because of a long label shopping period. We wanted to find the right label for us and after a while – we did? Also we were through a long period of looking inwards which resulted in us changing our name from Dødning to Helhorse

Musicscan: When a band writes the songs for a record over a longer period, I'd say that These songs can easily stand for a certain period in a band's career? Would you say that For Wolves and Vultures is representative for what Helhorse wants to stand for in 2011?

Helhorse: For Wolves and Vultures represent the culmination of our first 4 years. We pretty much wrote the entire album in 4 months and only Skull Sun and White Light, Black Hope have been with us for a while. This was possible because we threw a lot of material away and focused on writing the best songs possible. As a band we are extremely creative and write songs constantly, so we are just getting started!

Musicscan: Listening to For Wolves And Vultures is makes one wonder about the intensity of the songs. It’s definitely more than just music. It’s also the atmosphere you create. Is the mentioned intensity something you are striving for?

Helhorse: I am very happy that you feel that way? We strive to make our music honest, intense and memorable. The lyrics are written from an intense core of emotions, as a band we strive to play as if our life depended on it. We recorded the album live to get this very feeling – so no tricks, just honest, hard hitting Rock & Roll!

Musicscan: You created a record that consists of different layers and extremes. On the one hand side, it consists of rude arrangements, on the other hand side there's longer interludes that create an incomparable atmosphere. Do you think that this diversity makes For Wolves And Vultures a stronger record? It takes some time to get the point and people have to invest time in discovering the songs...

Helhorse: Our favourite records are those that take a while to get into, so that is defiantly something that we strive for. We worked intensely on dynamics, atmosphere and placing the tracks just right. Our biggest asset is our diversity. From punk explosions like Get Drunk, Get Mad, Get Even, to groove and riff oriented track like Skull Sun ending up in epic tracks like White Hope, Black Hope – we enjoy exploring all aspects.

Musicscan: From your point of view: Is it an exception in these days that bands play the music they really want to play without focusing on what listeners and the ?industry? might expect?

Helhorse: Uhhh, Tough question? I whish I could say a definite NO, but that would be a lie. On the one hand you have amazing bands like Mastodon or Converge that operate with absolutely no artistic compromise, but, unfortunately, you also have hundreds of bands the do the exact opposite. The latter seem to be “copy-pasting” a lot of gimmicks and “fun” tricks into their material – with absolutely no focus on good song writing. To Sum it up – it seems that the industry would rather focus on short lived gimmick bands – then long term good artist – which I find pretty catastrophic.

Musicscan: It is quite impossible to describe your style of playing in a few sentences. You definitely mix up different heavy styles with progressive stuff, and a lot more. It’s quite interesting to think about the influences of your band. There have to be quite a lot. What influences are we talking about? Do these vary within the band?

Helhorse: The vary a lot! We are 6 very different people that come from different backgrounds. That means that our influences are as varied as post rock, classic rock, punk, hardcore, metal and psychedelic/prog. Obviously we all share a common love for the New Orleans sludge scene, but also bands like Raging Speedhorn have been important for us.

Musicscan: When starting Helhorse or the original band - did you know you would create something completely different than you did with former bands? Was it kind of a conscious decision or did you just let your creativity flow to develop the sound Helhorse are offering on the debut?

Helhorse: Helhorse was stared as with the purpose on doing something completely different then what we did before. We wanted to focus and catchy riffs, good song writing and having a good time. Over the years our ambitions have risen considerably, not by conscious choice, but more because everybody got involved and everybody has a million ideas. Most of the time someone brings in a riff and then everybody comes with input and the whole process starts.

Musicscan: As for Helhorse - how important are compromises in music? Should this play a Major role at all? To me it seems that you are not willing to take Compromises into consideration at all.

Helhorse: In a band you always compromise – but that is not a bad thing at all - As long as the best musical idea wins. I actually think it’s important to be able to compromise within a band. You have to be able to hear what your band mates say and accept that you are not the centre of the universe and that others often have better ideas then you? Compromise becomes a bad thing when you do it to please other outside the band. We are fortunate to have a management and a label that don’t interfere with our music?.

Musicscan: Every band has a vision of how their album should sound like after the recording it. Listening to For Wolves And Vultures right now. Would you say that this was a successful mission or would you even say that the band was able to surprise itself? If this is the case - in how far?

Helhorse: Thanks to The great Jacob Bredahl ( our producer) we defiantly surprised our selves with this album. He was really good at getting the best out of us and the songs. Making For Wolves and Vultures was properly the most important thing in Helhorse´s life so fare. The vision was to create an honest and raw album which is why we recorded live. It takes a lot longer, but the outcome is so much better?

Musicscan: For the people not knowing anything about Helhorse and your style of music: What can these people expect? What should they be prepared for?

Helhorse: They should prepare for a band that focuses on dynamics, great riffs and good songwritting. In many ways we celebrate the best of metal through the last 30 years – and we dish out a kick ass party live!

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