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Tides From Nebula

Interview von: Daniel mit Maciej, am: 29.05.2011 ]

TIDES FROM NEBULA sind auch im hektischen Musik-Business eine Ausnahmeerscheinung. Das zweite Album "Earthshine" setzt einen gekonnten Kontrapunkt gegen momentane Musik-Trends. Hier geht es nicht um Breaks, hier geht es nicht um Geprotze. Im Mittelpunkt des Interesses steht die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit. Die Band zelebriert ihre Musik, wie man es nur noch selten vorfindet. Kein Image, kein Gehabe, sondern nur Musik. Egal, ob man es nun PostRock, ArtRock oder Progressive Rock nennen möchte. Hier geht es um Atmosphäre, Landschaften voller Klang und die gemächliche, aber gründliche Entwicklung kleiner Musik-Kurzgeschichten.


Musicscan: Please tell me about the creative process that lead to „Earthshine“. Do you guys write on tour? As a team, or each one for himself?

Tides From Nebula: We don't write on tour, it's almost impossible, you know, most of the time on tour you’re travelling, soundchecking or playing. At home, in our rehearsal room, we prefer to work as a team. Of course the songs start with an individuals idea, but the result is always a joint band effort.

Musicscan: How was it possible for you to work with Zbigniew Preisner and how do you feel about working with him?

Tides From Nebula: He just called us after hearing one of our songs in the radio. We were honoured, it was a big opportunity for us, to learn a lot about music. We were thinking a lot about the fact, that he worked with David Gilmour, isn't it great?

Musicscan: Your music seems to be very contrapunctual to modern music. It needs time to unveil, the listener needs time to discover details and atmospheres. What do you think about the contemporary music scene? Does it matter to you?

Tides From Nebula: Of course it does. We listen to a lot of music, modern and vintage too. We like a lot of bands, not only instrumental, so what I think is that it doesn’t matter for me if the music is from 70's, 80's, 90’s or current.

Musicscan: Who would you still regard as an influence to your music?

Tides From Nebula: Books, music, friends, wives, girlfriends, parents, forest and dogs. What I mean is that the whole life experience inspires you.

Musicscan: Would you agree if someone would describe your music as landscapes?

Tides From Nebula: If someone feels it that way, why not? Cool for me.

Musicscan: Poland is mainly seen as a country of either Death- or Black Metal bands, probably as a reaction to the still strong catholicism there. How is your view on things?

Tides From Nebula: I'm not really into such a scene, also not into catholicism, can't say anything wise about that subject, haha.

Musicscan: Finally: What would you like to achieve with your music?

Tides From Nebula: We would like to tour a lot, play for full audiences, record amazing albums and live like that for a long long time.