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Face Tomorrow

Interview von: arne mit Aart, am: 28.04.2011 ]

Die Niederländer von FACE TOMORROW haben sich und ihren Stil längst gefunden und wissen, was sie wollen und wo ihre Qualitäten liegen. Das haben sie auf mehr als 500 Konzerten bewiesen, aus denen das bewusste und treffsichere Songwriting der Band resultiert. Egal, ob sie nun dezent akustisch, melancholisch zurück genommen, emotional eingängig, optimistisch ausblickend, vertrackt aufgewühlt oder etwas forscher unterwegs sind: Die fünf Musiker agieren in jeder Lage ergreifend und bauchgesteuert. Die Spanne der eingebundenen Zitate reicht vom Post-Rock und Indie bis hin zu Emo und Punk. Dazu gesellen sich eine subtile Poppigkeit und ein progressiver Anstrich.


Musicscan: Face Tomorrow has always seemed to me to be an underdog band, always maintaining a high level of respect from critics and their peers, though never quite attaining the commercial success that the band was due. Would you agree? Where do you see the reasons for it, and what other bands, like you guys, never got the recognition they deserved?

Face Tomorrow: We do always get recognition from our peers and critics and we are very very happy with that. That means a lot to us. Commercial succes has to do with a lot more though. Getting your songs on the radio isn't very easy and we are a band that always just writes the songs they love. We are never that much influenced by what is the hip thing to do at that moment in time where radiostations tend to play exactly that. Right now we are happy where we are. Playing the songs we love to people who love our songs. It means so much to us that we can play in places like Marsberg, Frankfurt and Ludenscheid and there are people there that saw us 6 years ago that still take the time to visit our show. I think that a lot of bands that I am really into we're bands that never got their big break. Bands like Garden Variety, Mineral, Handsome, Gameface and even bands like Jawbreaker, Sunny day real estate and Samiam who seem to do well in the "scene" but never got a big commercial breakthrough. On the other hand I would like to name Biffy Clyro a band who have been the underdog for a long time and now finally gotten their more than deserved breakthrough.

Musicscan: What moments in the bands history for you sum up the whole experience of Face Tomorrow so far? What fuels your fire to continue?

Face Tomorrow: Last weekend we had 5 show in 3 days, two of those shows are the type of shows that fuel us. The first was in a place called Marsberg. We played the JBZ there and there were about 100 people. Some of them had seen us 5 years earlier when we last played there and most of them had never seen us before. It was your typical totally unbiased crowd and they are the best for us. The entire show they where dancing and screaming and giving back every bit of energy that we gave on stage. The second was on Record Store Day in Delft. We played outside a record store on the street with about 800 people surrounding us. No stage just us in between a mass of people. Those are the shows that you never forget, the experiences that last a lifetime.

Musicscan: The name Face Tomorrow is pretty interesting. It really fits well with the music out of my view. How did the name come about in the early days, and how did your connection to it change over the years?

Face Tomorrow: The name came form way back when I was a sxe hardcore kid and the singer in this band. It came from a record of one of my all time favorite's Mouthpiece. I think it still fit's because we have always tried to have a positive message. Thing's can be hard but they will always change for the better. So we face tomorrow everyday with all we got and continue this beautifull life here on earth which gives us new experiences both good and bad everyday.

Musicscan: What kind of musical backgrounds do the members of Face Tomorrow have, both in terms of interests and training?

Face Tomorrow: Our drummer and me we're hardcore kids that learned to play their instruments by playing along to our favorite songs. Our singer was a skateboarder and drummer in a skatepunk band when we met him. He has had some lessons along the way so that he wouldn't wreck his voice to early. Our new guitarplayer started out in a skapunk band when he was a teenager but later had an indierock band and a shortlived solo career as a singer songwriter. He's had lessons and knows his music theory. Our bassplayer is a very talented musician who plays both guitar and bassguitar very well. He's into a lot of more progrock stuff like Oceansize and King Crimson and knows his music theory as well. Our main interest is music in all it's varieties. I would say we all have very eclectic tastes ranging from obscure indie and hardcore to mainstream alternative acts to weird progrock stuff and pop music. The only thing we haven't been listening to that much is electronic music I guess.

Musicscan: I think it is obvious that the members of Face Tomorrow listen to lots of different genres of music besides just rock. Please give our readers at least five non-rock albums that you're currently spinning.

Face Tomorrow: Five? Damn that's a lot;) Katy Perry – Teenage Dream, Adele – 21, Joni Mitchell – Blue, Randy Newman – Songbook vol. 1 and Blaudzun – Seadrift Soundmachine

Musicscan: Do you tend to write your songs in segments, which you then piece together, or do you project an entire composition from a single melody?

Face Tomorrow: For this new record most of the songs that I wrote came from one single melody. Just because that is one of the thing's that I like so much about popsongs. One strong melody through the entire song. But since there are 3 writers in the band that changes from song to song. And sometimes one of us will have a riff floating around and we'll just all work on that together. We seem to use Logic alot though to work on songs at home.

Musicscan: Are there any songs on your latest selftitled record that stand out in your mind, or songs that have the most value or inner meaning to you?

Face Tomorrow: To me that is definitly Move On. It fits my current state thematically speaking. First off all I love the songs which have one tension build up all the way 'till the end and lyric wise it's about Jelle and me continuing our lives after having dealt with the death of our fathers. Time to move on and pick up our lives again where we left them.

Musicscan: Of all the albums Face Tomorrow has made, what is the one album you’re most proud of, and why?

Face Tomorrow: You'll always get the same answer won't you ;) It is of course our newest one. Mainly because I feel we have finally been able to combine all the Face Tomorrow elements on one record this time. The previous one was very hard to write but this one seem to come very natural and our producer Jochem Jacobs did an amazing job in capturing the spirit and energy we had in the studio.

Musicscan: What type of mood/feeling are you trying to convey both sonically and visually with your creative work?

Face Tomorrow: There's this thin line of melancholy and hopefullness that we always try to land on musically speaking. The feeling that life has a lot of downs but for every down there's an even bigger up. Sometimes we might focus to much on the downside but this time we have really tried very hard to also focus on the upsides of life. Visually this time we wanted to make a statement, we wanted a new direction in the artwork to accentuate our new start. Robbie and Barbara to of our dearest friends and amazing Graphic Designers know us very well personally and have tried to incorporate all their personal experiences with us into this artwork.

Musicscan: What stands out in your mind about the chemistry of the band during the writing and recording of your selftitled album? How did this contribute to the overall sound and feel of the final product?

Face Tomorrow: First of all I lost my writer's block. After we had written about half the record with the 4 of us we got some fresh blood. The chemistry with our new guitarplayer is just awesome. He brings exactly what we needed. Energy. And we all found out why we were writing music and doing this band in the first place. It's not about a big breakthroughs or commercial succes it's about us having fun in life, doing what we love doing the most, getting in a van and playing everywhere we can and getting rid of all our anger and frustration on stage. We were all thinking in the same direction again, something that we had lost somewhere along the way. I think Marc, our old guitar player, leaving the band was exactly what we needed to continue.

Musicscan: What are your feelings on performing live? I assume that improvising is a large part of what you guys do - due to the nature of the music.

Face Tomorrow: We barely improvise I'm afraid. It's not our strongest point. What we try to do is communicate with people with our music, to get them into that state where they seem to forget about the rest of all the stuff that's going in their lives and just let themselves go completely. To get them where we are when we are playing those songs. It's basically free therapy for us, playing live, it's when we have no more worries and when everything just evolves around that one thing, having a perfect evening you get to share with your audience and just hoping they will have that perfect evening as well.

Musicscan: It seems anyone these days can find a gross picture on the internet and be an underground sensation within no time. What do you think of this recent phenomenon? Do you consider it cheating or lazy? Especially in comparison to what you built up with Face Tomorrow over years and hundreds of concerts.

Face Tomorrow: I think everybody expresses themselves in different ways, if you feel the need to do it that way then go ahead, do your thing. I really don't care. We'll do it our way like we have always done, by giving 1000% every show we play.

Musicscan: Final thoughts?

Face Tomorrow: We are just so happy to be touring again, going to other countries, and sitting in a van. Can't wait for our european tour in september/october. It is going to be a blast! Whatever happens along the way we are just happy to still be able to play for people.

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