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Interview von: arne mit Matt Cherry, am: 05.03.2011 ]

Zwischen Post-Rock, Prog, Psychedelic und Electronica erschaffen MASERATI facettenreiche, aufwühlende Instrumental-Sounds. Auf dem aktuellen Longplayer "Pyramid Of The Sun" finden sich sphärisch intensive und aufputschende Songs, die zwar stark experimentell gehalten sind, die aber dennoch flüssig hörbar und noch dazu großartig sind. Live ziehen MASERATI noch mehr in ihren Bann ziehen, was man auf ihrer aktuellen Europa-Tour selbst überprüfen kann.


Musicscan: Punk and rock are often told to be fun and youth orientated. Would you agree to this or do you think there are aspects that are by far more than that? What about Maserati? Are there any aims to change the world?

Maserati: Absolutely. We have often said that rock music is at its best when it comes out of a dirty, sweaty practice space.

Musicscan: Do you still feel connected to any scene in some way, or have you grown out of that?

Maserati: I personally don’t feel connected to any scene in particular. 9-10 years ago, we definitely felt connected to the Athens, GA music scene. to some extent we still do, but only half of us actually live there, so it’s limited. we often get lumped in with the "post rock" scene, but we don’t really listen to other post rock bands, so we don’t feel connected to that scene either. I’d like to think we’re doing something different than most of the other post-rock bands.

Musicscan: Pyramid Of The Sun is a courageous record. It´s intense and really shows what the band wants to do, no matter what listeners expect. What would you retort to that?

Maserati: Thanks. Yeah, we’re super proud of the new record. Overall, we´re just into paying homage to the records we like, no matter whether we think other people like dance beats or synthesizers on a maserati record.

Musicscan: From your personal point of view: Is it an exception these days when bands are playing the music they really want to without focussing on what listeners might expect? Are we really that far? I sometimes think so…

Maserati: I can’t speak for other bands, but we don`t write music geared towards what we think others will want to hear.

Musicscan: What things would you mention if you were asked which aspects you like most about what Maserati is playing? Why especially these aspects?

Maserati: I like our simplicity. In many respects, it`s like an endurance test to see how long we can play just one part.

Musicscan: As for Maserati and especially Pyramid Of The Sun - how important are compromises in things like music and being a (touring) band? Should compromises play a major role at all? To me it seems that you are not willing to take compromises into consideration at all.

Maserati: For me, I have to make compromises multiple times a day in my day-to-day life, so it`s nice to not have to do that in Maserati.

Musicscan: It is quite impossible to describe your style of playing in a few sentences. You definitely mix up styles like progressive, indie rock, electronica etc. It is quite interesting to think about the influences of Maserati. Do all band members have an equal vision about how the band should sound like? How has it been in the beginning when you formed Maserati?

Maserati: We all share the same collective vision, but each bring our own notions of what the band should be to the table. Chris, for instance, brings the rock. Coley brings the hooks. I bring, um, something else... i guess.

Musicscan: What are you expectations for your European tour?

Maserati: Rehearsal starts today. I`m very excited about the MatAmp.

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