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Eternal Lies

Interview von: Nis mit Conny, am: 26.12.2002 ]

Eternal Lies sind eine der Bands die auf der ARCTIC MUSIC GROUP ihr neues zu Hause gefunden haben. Wie auch Ihre Labelmates Celebratum sind Eternal Lies eine waschechte Schweden Metal Combo mit einem mehr als überdurchschnittlichem Können...


Musicscan: Hi there! To start off the interview please introduce your band to our readers, where you´re coming from?

Eternal Lies: Hello!! I will be delighted to. We live about 70 kilometres south of Gothenburg in Sweden. In a shithole called Veddige. In my personal opinion I think it’s the asshole of Sweden. But to some of the other members like Björn (guitar) it’s paradise. The closest city to Veddige you could find on a map is Varberg.

Musicscan: Beside playing in your band what kinds of jobs do guys you have?

Eternal Lies: I (Conny the drummer) work at Swedens biggest Nuclear power plant in the control room just like my idol Homer Simpsons does. Björn (guitarist) works as a welder on a factory. Tommy (vocalist) is almost the head manager of a gas station in Varberg. I don’t really know what Erik (guitar) and Marcus (bass) do but they work on some boring warehouse I think. And sometimes Marcus helps his parents at their bakery.

Musicscan: When did your band come together? Have you guys been in some other bands before ETERNAL LIES was born? Give us a brief survey about the band´s history.

Eternal Lies: Eternal Lies was formed in the winter of 1998 by me (Conny Pettersson) on drums and guitarist Björn Johansson in Varberg. We had the vision to create a very fast melodic death metal band, with non-stop energy and aggression. After a while when a couple of songs were done Tommy Grönberg, (former vocalist in Fatal Embrace) joined the band, and short after that Martin Karlsson on Bass also joined us (former in Parazite, Eucharist). We recorded a demo in the winter of 2000 and got a deal with Arctic Music Group. In December 2001 we recorded our first album "Spiritual deception". After that Martin left us and Marcus Wessle´n (bass) and Erik Månsson (guitar) joined the band, both from Aggressive Serpent. In September 2002 "Spiritual deception" was released.

Musicscan: So you guys come from Sweden. What is your relation to the scene over there and what do you think of the well known Swedish bands like IN FLAMES?

Eternal Lies: I don’t like In flames so much nowadays, the first three albums are great. I also used to listen to Dark tranquillity in their beginning. But our bass player just loves In Flames. I think Sweden have many great bands like the two I mentioned and At the gates, Eucharist, Entombed, Anata, RotInjected, Aggressive serpent, Dissection, Abba and Elvis Presley. I think they all have influenced us a little. And we salute them!

Musicscan: Is any one of you involved in other bads or projects? If yes is it similar to ETERNAL LIES or is it completely other stuff?

Eternal Lies: Yes, we are, everyone except our vocalist is involved in other bands. But they are not similar to Eternal lies at all. I’m also in Anata, brutal American style progressive and technical death metal. The next Anata album is going to be even more technical and progressive. And together with Björn I’m also in RotInjected, straightforward aggressive and heavy death metal, sounds like a mix between Deicide, Monstrosity and Cannibal corpse. And Erik and Marcus have their Meshugga project Aggressive serpent. So none of the other bands we are in is not even close to Eternal lies. I even do the drums in different styles for each band.

Musicscan: What about playing live? Do you play a lot of shows over there? What is the most important thing for you when you are on stage?

Eternal Lies: We have not done so many shows yet, but we are planning to do as many as possible in the future. I think I speak for the entire band when I say it’s important to hear yourself on stage. If not you have no idea what it sounds like. For me all I need to hear is my bass drums. Then I’m happy!

Musicscan: Can we expect a european tour so that we might get the chance to see you performing live in germany?

Eternal Lies: Yes, we really hope so. We have nothing planned so far and that’s entire in our labels hands, but it’s not impossible that we are going to play at some festivals next year in Germany. We could all just pray for that to happen. We are really a 100% live band. And on stage we sound the best we can.

Musicscan: Your Record SPIRITUAL DECEPTION is very professional and you all seem to be very good musicians. Did any of you go to music school to improve his skills or is it just a "learning by doing" thing for you?

Eternal Lies: All the members of Eternal lies are self-taught except our vocalist. Believe it or not he had singing lessons some years ago to learn how to breathe and how to use the stomach right. And he really has great power in his voice. You can’t stand near him when he growls without earplugs. He is louder than my drums. And speaking of drums, I once was a substitute for the drum teacher in Varberg before I got my job at the Nuclear power plant. And the last two weeks I taught how to play with two bass drums. And it was one hell of a noise at the music school. The other teachers for Piano and other instrument complained a lot and said that they couldn’t hear what they were thinking. So I guess they were relived when I left. But yeah, we are very talented of beating our instruments up, trashing guitars, set the drums on fire and so on.

Musicscan: Which bands do you consider as a influence for yourself? Are there some bands that you all VERY like? Regarding this drop us your Top 5 Record Playlist, hehe.

Eternal Lies: I think it would be hard to get one who suits all in the band. We listen to many different kinds of music. But here is what my top 5-list look like for the moment: Blessed are the sick - Morbid Angel
Symbolic - Death
Black water park - Opeth
Last fair deal gone down - Katatonia
Pain killer - Judas Priest

Musicscan: Some questions ago I asked you about the past, now give us some hints about the future of ETERNAL LIES. What can we expect?

Eternal Lies: Probably a new album next winter, we are already working on new songs, and its really good material. And to play live as mush as possible. It would be like a dream come true for us to play at the Wacken festival. I really hope that we get the chance to do that someday.

Musicscan: What is the Story behind the name ETERNAL LIES?

Eternal Lies: Well, you have to be named something, and that’s it. Sorry to disappoint you. No story.

Musicscan: How importat are the lyrics for you? What are your Lyrics about in general?

Eternal Lies: To be honest the lyrics are not that important to us. The music comes first. Our lyrics are all about life and death in different ways. Like reincarnations, and different ways of dying, life after death but mostly just death itself.

Musicscan: Now a personal question: Do you prefer Vinyl or CD´s? Why?

Eternal Lies: I prefer the CD, because I don’t own a vinyl player anymore. But it was nice when I was thirteen years old and got my first vinyl. It was "And justice for all" I miss the large cover and pictures and that the vinyl had two first songs, one on each side of the album. A CD can only have one first song. That is kind of special for the vinyl. But in my car I can’t fit 20 vinyl records in the glove compartment. So I guess the CD’s is more suitable for me.

Musicscan: OK, that´s it for now! Thank´s a lot for having the time answering my questions. Anything you still wanna say?

Eternal Lies: It was my pleasure :) Please visit our website www.eternallies.cjb.net and feel free to sign our guestbook, check out the reviews, soundsamples and then go to your local CD store and buy our album "Spiritual deception" If you want to order our demo or book us please send a mail to pedalconny@hotmail.com or b.grajnder@tiscali.se We really hope to tour Germany soon, Cheerz!!!!

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