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Interview von: arne mit Insane, am: 04.09.2010 ]

In ihrer Heimat sind die Ungarn von INSANE längst eine bekannte Größe, deren Veröffentlichungen Beachtung finden. Kein Wunder, dass man nun ihr Potenzial in westlicheren Gefilden testet und „Our Island - Our Empire“ auch hierzulande veröffentlicht. Im Songwriting setzen die Budapester auf den zwanglosen Wechsel wuchtiger Grooves, satter Metal-Passagen, harter Rock-Parts und clean besungener Refrains. Rock und Metal kommen in einem gesunden Mischungsverhältnis zusammen und werden unterhaltsam miteinander kombiniert.


Musicscan: Give our readers a short briefing about Insane at first, please. What do we definitely have to know about your band?

Insane: Insane is one of our days most popular and succesful rock/metal band from Hungary. The band was formed in 1999 in Budapest. Since its formation Insane made more than 600 shows in 25 European countries, they have 4 LP’s, 2 EP’s and 8 music videos. Since 2005 in the course of 10 European tours the band could play with bands such as SOULFLY, ILL NINO, PRO-PAIN, Napalm Death, Anathema, Diecast, 4LYN, Deep Insight, Ektomorf, D.R.I. etc. In the summer of 2008 the 4th LP was released with what the guys won the Fonogram award in the category of the best Hungarian rock/metal album.

Musicscan: Where and how did you guys meet and decide to become a band years ago? Did all 5 members of the band have an equal vision about how the band should sound like from the beginning or is the music sort of a "compromise" of all the Insane-members?

Insane: The present formation is about 3 years old because we had a singer change in 2007. We feel that right now we are thick as thievs totally. Because of this I recon there is no need to speak about the former formations however it was decisive in the bands history. Right now the sound and future plans are no issues in the band, because everyone is on the same way of thinking, and I am happy that we have reached this.

Musicscan: Insane are introduced to central Europe with your new album Our Island-Our Empire, but you are quite more than an underground act in Eastern Europe – especially in Hungary . So what are your expectations for the cooperation with Tornado Music and for central Europe?

Insane: We feel and hope that this cooperation will be a good headway in this region and we expect that more and more people will get to know insane in these countries. We have played a lot already in Germany, and Austria but i think it is better way if you can present and promote your music like this and here i would like to thank to Tornado music. So all in all it would be great if we could have more and more fans in this region just as in Hungary.

Musicscan: Your style of playing can be easily filed under 'modern crossover', bringing together elements of different styles of metal with hardcore, rock and an open-minded attitude. Would you agree to that?

Insane: I can agree with that, because all of us are listening to really all kinds of music from classical to jazz to electronic so it should appear in our music. We like all kinds of music which is quality and which we think worth listening.

Musicscan: Why do you think the marriage of brutal hardcore- and metal-elements is so popular with listeners and musicians?

Insane: Many times we do not feel this that much because people generally think only in styles as we see, and they do not care if the given band is good or not. The perfect example is if there is an actual trend than 70% of the listeners will listen to that actual style and not interested in any other music streams. I think the trends are much more popular.

Musicscan: Is it a challenge to you to continually write and record new songs and records? Or it is more challenging for you guy to play live?

Insane: In my opinion insane is a totally a live band we feel much better on stage than in studio, however if we are in studio than everyone knows what to do. We also like to write new songs but it is very hard to do it within so much gigs, but somehow we always capable to make it.

Musicscan: Were the songs for Our Island-Our Empire already written and ready for recording when you entered the studio or did you have the possibility to even improve them in the studio and experiment a little bit?

Insane: When we entered the studio the songs were ready 80%. We are those kind who like to go to studio prepared and only deal with the extra things in studio like effects or an extra instrument in one part etc. Of course once it would be great to write and make a whole LP in a studio but we can not afford it, that is why we always make a kind of a demo in our rehearsal room before entering studio.

Musicscan: Was it different writing this new album, now that you are more skilled with your instruments and have become somehow popular in Hungary?

Insane: Only in one thing that everyone know what to do and can do it in a short time. The first timers always have the problem that they do not know what exaclty they want what sound etc. and how to do it. After a while it becomes much easier and i think that is the point.

Musicscan: If you compare the visions you had for Our Island-Our Empire before the record was produced and compare it to your own impressions listening to the songs now – what´s the difference? What do you as a band feel about Our Island-Our Empire?

Insane: A real musician is always intractable and perfectionist in a studio, but I can say that we got what we wanted. There are some extra instruments like trumpet sax, real strings on this album what was only a thought before the recordings but after This album is very colourful and a thought-out stuff were the melodies are more dominant as before so with this we can reach a wider range of audience, but those who know the band from the early times they can not be disappointed also, because the typical hard insane riffs are also there. We tried out to put some extra instruments in our music and I think it is working mainly the real strings so I would say these are the aspects what I would hightlight.

Musicscan: What things would you mention if you were asked which aspects you like most about Our Island-Our Empire? And why especially these aspects?

Insane: I don`t think that we have found our real sound because there are not so many good studios in Hunagary. There are some but those are extremely expensive I mean more expensive than abroad. We made this record in a studio which is between these two. The sound of this record is quite good but we miss those extra things what makes the good sound and maybe we would miss a producer who could really find our sound. I hope we can found our real sonority in the future. Right now it is a good representation of our band we are at this level.

Musicscan: Do you feel that this new record is a pretty good representation of your bands sounding as of right now? And do you feel that Insane has found its “own” sound, or is it still evolving?

Insane: The lyrics are about all the things what are around us the way how we live things from a pectoral aspect. That is the reson for the album title tha our island our empire which means we are talking about our thoughts and feelings. Of course we have songs which are about girly matters, but we also have songs we are about the story of a good film. We do not have a concept for writing lyrics we are doing it instinctively. The music what we make is not just about music. Without lyrics it would not have the same meaning. There are some music styles and bands where the lyric is just a compulsory thing to do it, but we suppose that lyrics really matter to express what you want.

Musicscan: How important are the lyrics to Insane? What can be said about them and what do they mainly deal with? Do they have a certain attitude, a certain intention?

Insane: Our attitude to this music profession is a bit different than the others in Hungary, we are always honest, persistent, enthusiastic after 10 years. We always try to behave as professionals at all levels, and be always up to date. So we say that always be professional in what you do and be honest and do not give yourself airs. Honesty is the best policy I think this is the core of our band.

Musicscan: When you strip Insane down, what would you say is the core of your band?

Insane: Our attitude to this music profession is a bit different than the others in Hungary, we are always honest, persistent, enthusiastic after 10 years. We always try to behave as professionals at all levels, and be always up to date. So we say that always be professional in what you do and be honest and do not give yourself airs. Honesty is the best policy I think this is the core of our band.

Musicscan: Let's just briefly talk about your further plans for the rest of 2010. What are the most important aims and plans you have? Any chance to see you guys playing live over here in central Europe?

Insane: In 2010 autumn we will be a part of a big Hungarian tour, besides this we start to make the songs for the next album. There will be a Dutch tour in September, and if we get other good offers than it is not impossible that we come up anywhere in Europe.

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