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The Eyes Of A Traitor

Interview von: arne mit Steve, am: 01.08.2010 ]

Auf den ersten Lorbeeren ruhen sich THE EYES OF A TRAITOR nicht aus. Nur ein Jahr nach dem so wohlwollend aufgenommenen Debüt „A Clear Perception“ und ersten Touren-Erfolgen legt das Quintett aus Großbritannien bereits seinen zweiten Longplayer vor. Getreu dem Motto „Stärken stärken“ entwickelt sich „Breathless“ als fokussierte und zu Ende gedachte Platte zwischen Death Metal und MetalCore. THE EYES OF A TRAITOR bestätigen ihre Stellung als heiße Newcomer, die sich auf Augenhöhe mit den Landsleuten von Sylosis, Architects, Burning Skies und Nightshade bewegen.


Musicscan: Please state your name and what you do in the band at first and tell us, what The Eyes Of A Traitor has currently been up to?

The Eyes Of A Traitor: Hey, I’m Steve and I play guitar for the band. We’re currently about to release our 2nd album, Breathless to the world. We’re just doing a load of press at the minute, and doing a few shows here and there to support the release – we’ve got a load of tours coming up later in the year!

Musicscan: As a musician, why do you think the marriage of brutal hardcore- and metal-elements is so popular with listeners and especially with younger people?

The Eyes Of A Traitor: I’m not sure to be honest. We didn’t set out to write music that fitted in to any particular style, we just wrote what sounded good to us. I think that it appeals to many people as it is a cross over of both. We get the hardcore thing a lot, which is weird, cause none of us are into it in the slightest. Hardcore is in fashion right now in the UK, so hopefully that will end sometime soon..We’re all metal kids really.

Musicscan: It seems that your sound is continually changing, while other bands are stagnant. Breathless just seems to prove that. What makes The Eyes Of A Traitor stand out from your artistic point of view?

The Eyes Of A Traitor: Thank you. I would put it down to my earlier reason – we just write music that we like to hear, and as normal people, our music tastes are constantly changing, according to our circumstances and the bands we are listening to. This takes a major influence on the music we write. I can guarantee that our next album probably won’t sound like Breathless. That’s a good or a bad thing, depending on how you view it.

Musicscan: Is it a challenge to you to continually write and record new songs and records? Or is it more challenging for you guy to play live?

The Eyes Of A Traitor: I’d say that some of our stuff is quite hard to play, harder than many of the bands in our genre. This gets difficult when you are trying to give a tight but energetic live performance. I wouldn’t say we find it a challenge writing music at all, we really enjoy it, it’s the best part of being in a band.

Musicscan: Was it different writing this new album, now that you are more skilled with your instruments after all the gigs you played?

The Eyes Of A Traitor: I’d say that our newer stuff is actually easier to play. It’s not that we dumbed it down for anyone, it just turned out that way. But of course, playing more and recording means you will obviously get better at your instrument. I feel like I’m at a stage where I have the ability to play all that I need to. Lets face it, we don’t want to be a band like Necrophagist.

Musicscan: Do you still remember when you wrote your first song for/with the band and what it felt like and how it feels like now when you finish a song? How has your relationship to the music and the band changed?

The Eyes Of A Traitor: Definitely. It’s a complete sense of achievement, and every compliment that we get from this band makes me smile, as it’s our work that has made s omeone happy. That’s a real good feeling for me. It hasn’t changed much, it was always me and Sam writing everything, apart from the early stages of the band.

Musicscan: Are there any principles you would never give up to with the band? Which?

The Eyes Of A Traitor: I’m not sure really. We aren’t a die hard METAL TILL DEATH band. Like I said, we will write the music we are into at the time. I can’t see that changing much though to be honest, we’re never going to sound like Britney Spears.

Musicscan: The new album seems to be a little more groovy and structured, in some ways less speed and aggression oriented. Is it just me or is there any truth to this?

The Eyes Of A Traitor: Exactly! Thank you for noticing that! We definitely tried to structure the songs a lot more, into actual songs, not 4 minute wankathons. Verse, chorus etc. Some people may perceive this as ‚selling out’ what ever that stupid phrase means, but we think it’s a massive improvement. More hooks, better songs.

Musicscan: What do you feel you accomplished after finishing your work on Breathless? Do you feel that this new record is a pretty good representation of your band sounding as of right now?

The Eyes Of A Traitor: Definitely. I feel that this is a much stronger record than our first one, and the response that we’ve had to the tracks so far is awesome. Barely anyone has disliked them, and we’ve had a massive internet response to it. Now to see what the press say!

Musicscan: And do you feel that The Eyes Of A Traitor has found its “own” sound, or is it still evolving?

The Eyes Of A Traitor: I think that our ‚sound’ is nearly there on this album. So nearly. I reck on that the next album, we will have absolutely nailed it. That’s no detriment to this album though, I think it rules. Haha. We are constantly evolving though.

Musicscan: What did you guys do differently on Breathless that you hadn't done previously to keep things progressing? Were all the songs already written and ready for recording when you entered the studio or did you rearrange or improvise single parts?

The Eyes Of A Traitor: Me and Sam actually wrote this album together. We used to just write things on Guitar Pro and send them to all the band, to change and listen to. Writing this album, in a room, with Sam meant that it was a lot more organic, and we could see how things were like recorded, instead of just guessing. There was a few chopping and changes in the studio, as the producer had some influence. Much happier with the way we wrote this one.

Musicscan: When you strip The Eyes Of A Traitor down, what would you say is the core of your band?

The Eyes Of A Traitor: I’d say, it’s intelligent metal music, played by normal guys. Call us metalcore, or deathcore or whatever. It just insults me slightly, as the bands we get branded along with, sometimes have no creativity whatsoever. We aren’t super metalheads, we wear normal clothes, and sometimes get be rated for it. But it isn’t going to change. We’re used to it by now.

Musicscan: For some time now, the harder music scene seems to go even more extreme than ever before. Bands are pushing the boundaries as far as complexity, technical approach and extreme arrangements are concerned. What are your thoughts on this and where do you see The Eyes Of A Traitor in the grand scheme?

The Eyes Of A Traitor: Oh definitely. I think some of it, almost isn’t music though. It’s more an exercise in ego, or fashion. You can write a song with a 3 minute solo and 300bpm, yeah it’s cool, but it isn’t really music to me. It’s just you showing off your chops. Write a song.

Musicscan: Would you agree to say The Eyes Of A Traitor is still an underrated band on the European mainland? Any plans to change this situation?

The Eyes Of A Traitor: Oh yeah. Due to our previous industry, we haven’t been able to get into Europe as much as we would have wanted. We’ve just been taken on by a new agent, so hopefully that will all change. You won’t be able to get rid of us. Haha!