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Rocket From The Crypt

Interview von: Matthias Rauch mit Ruby Mars, am: 15.12.2002 ]

Ein wirkliches Interview war leider mit den Jungs zu diesem Zeitpunkt nicht möglich, doch wir haben mit Ruby Mars von Rocket From The Crypt mal das Frage und Antwort Spielchen durchgezogen. Ein recht kurzweiliges Vergnügen, aber wer die Band kennt, hat wahrscheinlich auch nichts anderes erwartet. Genau wie ihre neue Platte: kurz, prägnant, immer auf den Punkt und weit entfernt von geistigen Höhenflügen. Bearbeitet wurde nichts. Die Richtung ist klar. Zurückschauen verboten.


Musicscan: How was the first response to "Live From Camp X-Ray"?

Rocket From The Crypt: Tremendous! It is a much more straight ahead punk record than previous efforts, it just came out that way...we love it.

Musicscan: It seems like you guys are pretty happy with what Vagrant is doing? Do you have a good relationship with them or is it solely on business terms?

Rocket From The Crypt: We have a fabulous deal with them, they're great!

Musicscan: Where did you get the idea for the title of the album? Were you aware of the fact that quite a few people might think it's a live album due to the name?

Rocket From The Crypt: You would have to ask Speedo, because only he knows...we don't mind if people think it's a live LP, fans always ask if we are going to do one...so hmmm...

Musicscan: Please tell me a little bit about your time at Interscope and how things are different at Vagrant now?

Rocket From The Crypt: We deal with the people first hand,& that right there is probably the most important thing w/record companies.

Musicscan: Do you get any MTV airplay in the States - since Vagrant seems to be quite successful in pushing their artists to get airplay of whatever kind, e.g. Dashboard etc?

Rocket From The Crypt: None, we used to, though. MTV in America is so lame, it's hard to say if we would want to do that again.

Musicscan: What are the best and worst aspects about touring for you?

Rocket From The Crypt: Best? Traveling, playing to new people, meeting cool people, Worst? Missing your pets, room, bed, friends.

Musicscan: In what way is Rocket From The Crypt influenced by Southern California and San Diego in particular? Would you say that you are part of Californian lifestyle including surfing, skateboarding etc?

Rocket From The Crypt: Wakeboarding dude!

Musicscan: How has the recording process of "Live From Camp X-Ray" been? Where and how did you record? Mostly live? How long did the entire process take?

Rocket From The Crypt: This was a quickie! Raw & wild in the studio is how we do it, remember...this is rock-n-roll!

Musicscan: What is your definition of a good song?

Rocket From The Crypt: 2 or 3 parts that you can't shake out of your head.

Musicscan: What "era" (e.g. 50s, 60s) would you want to live in if you had the choice and why?

Rocket From The Crypt: The 60's because all my favorite bands were around, such a pioneering era in music.

Musicscan: Why is the new album rather short in comparison to your other albums? Didn't you have enough other songs that would have fit the album or was it a conscious decision to keep things short but good?

Rocket From The Crypt: Short, hot, nasty & loud my friend.

Musicscan: What is the biggest difference between "Group Sounds" and "Live From Camp X-Ray" for you?

Rocket From The Crypt: I played drums on the whole LP, instead of 5 songs! Yay!

Musicscan: Are we going to see Rocket From The Crypt in Europe any time soon? What are the touring plans for the album?

Rocket From The Crypt: We hope to be out there after the new year is done & the snow is cleared away.

Musicscan: Any comments or last words?

Rocket From The Crypt: Thanks, for your love, support, food, blankets, money...& whatever else anyone has given us. We love you all!!

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