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Today Is The Day

Interview von: arne mit Steve Austin, am: 10.12.2002 ]

Seit nunmehr zehn Jahren sind TODAY IS THE DAY der Inbegriff eines kompromisslosen, extremen Underground- Acts. Oftmals unverstanden und kopfschüttelnd belächelt, konnte sich die Band in wechselnder Besetzung um Steve Austin zu dem Krachorganismus entwickeln, als der er sich heute präsentiert. "Sadness Will Prevail", das aktuelle Album der Band, ist vielleicht die extremste Noisecollage, die mir bisher zu Ohren gekommen ist...


Musicscan: do you really want to cause feelings and reactions within your listeners?

Today Is The Day: Yes

Musicscan: what kind of reactions?

Today Is The Day: Like thinking about who you are. What your life really means. To make you Free from the pain that holds you down and makes you hate yourself. I wanna spur creativity in peoples souls. A true Lust for Life.

Musicscan: a lot of people seem to be interested in today is the day - so what is different about your band?

Today Is The Day: We play our Music from the heart. We want to be only ourselves, take it or leave it. No Bullshit, just real music. Real Reality....

Musicscan: what do you think? why do people listen to your music?

Today Is The Day: Because people are tired of listening to the same old shit. 99.5% of all modern bands suck because they all sound the same, look the same and act the same. We don't ever wanna play the same song twice. Every idea must be virgin or it has to be deleted. I think we speak to those who have no one and no hope. We sing about and play all the things that people are ashamed of or afraid of saying because it might not be cool or politically correct...

Musicscan: reading your band-information i found the words: maverick sound of a unique vision. what does this description mean to you? what is your unique vision all about?

Today Is The Day: Reality, being free, and Destroying the barriers that stop the creative flow in Art. Do your own thing, do it yourself....Trying to experiment with human feelings and emotions that are primal right down to your nasty soul....

Musicscan: how can you characterize today is the day's position in the heavy music scene?

Today Is The Day: Today Is The Day is not part of any scene. We are our own scene. We don't want to fit in, get along with everybody, or suck peoples dicks for them to like our music. Fuck that!!! Today Is The Day is it's own entity. We don't give a shit about Radio, the charts, the buillshit that surrounds being popular...We just play music from the heart and soul...

Musicscan: let's speak about you as an individual: what's your attitude towards life?

Today Is The Day: I fucking hate it!!!! It drives me insane, constant stress and bullshit from everyone outside of my friends and family. I hate this world we live in. I just wanna be free....

Musicscan: what are goals you want to reach?

Today Is The Day: Destroying myself before it's too late.....Moving on to the spirit world to meet with my ancestors.....

Musicscan: what is to know about you as a person?

Today Is The Day: Nothing, I am just like anybody else. A fat kid kid from Tennessee who grew up being the Black Sheep of my family. The Outcast. The Hated. Now I am fucking everyone by still being alive and doing my thing. I love it and I live for it!!!! I am just a normal everyday person who works a job and loves his friends and family. The only problem is I am a chronically depressed freak who struggles with self-destruction...

Musicscan: what kind of education do you have? how did your musical work develop through different bands and years? (what have you done before today is the day started?)

Today Is The Day: I played in a Sci-Fi Performance art Grind experimental band called ALIEN IN THE LAND OF OUR BIRTH. We would bathe ourselves in Blood and our singer would stab baby dolls and fuck blow-up dolls onstage with a strap-on dildo.. the music was super complicated with tons of noise and feedback coupled with Double Kick and Odd-time signature riffing....Most of the shows were done full-blown on Acid or Microdots....

Musicscan: you sometimes work as a producer - right?

Today Is The Day: All the Time. My job is producing and Engineering...

Musicscan: Â…or do you have an own recording studio?


Musicscan: i get to know about your producer-work, because you did the year of our lord a few months ago. how do you choose the bands you work with?

Today Is The Day: they tend to choose me because of records that I have recorded or worked on....I will only work with bands who are serious about their music and who want to create something new and Great!

Musicscan:...and what are other bands you worked with?


Musicscan: i already mentioned the word "lord" - do you believe in the lord?

Today Is The Day: Hell no!!! You are your Lord.

Musicscan: preparing my questions i read an older interview. you called yourself Satanist - what's your understanding of a Satanist?

Today Is The Day: Doing what you really want to do, not what society tells you.....

Musicscan: what do you think about "good" and "bad"? often it's said that things always have two sides. is our life the life two extremes? what is between those poles?

Today Is The Day: There is good and there is bad. One can bring about the other. Bad experiences can motivate you to something good...Sometimes Good Experiences can lead to something Bad....We all do both Good and Bad as Humans....

Musicscan: do you consider yourself being a nihilist? i often think you create your music to provocate people - right?

Today Is The Day: Yes, I wanna wake people up from the sleep they are in from listening to their radio's and watching they're TV's or Monitor screens....Our culture is dying and we don't even know itÂ…

Musicscan: is Steve Austin interested in the human psyche?

Today Is The Day: I am interested in destroying the Human Psyche. People are so goddamn full of shit and hung up on all of their crap. If everyone would get off their lay ass and do something even if it's as simple as picking a flower or Drawing a picture or helping a disabled person. ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME Me that is all the world is about

Musicscan: do you want to manipulate people with your music? hearing today is the day i often get bad feelings coming up...

Today Is The Day: Yes, and you should confront those feelings. Expose them for what they are. Do you hate your self? Do you hate your Life? WHY???? Why are you here???? To take up space or to do something for Mankind....

Musicscan: your style of singing and your lyrics as well are very ill-natured and vitriolic. why do you go this direction?

Today Is The Day: It's just how I feel. I play with words and Ideas. there are no rules....I make fun of myself and my pain and then I cry when I wonder why it hurts so bad...

Musicscan: how do you live your live?

Today Is The Day: Day to day. explosion by explosion....

Musicscan: do you feel kind of self-hate?

Today Is The Day: I hate myself more than anyone.....

Musicscan: i do not know how to call it a better way. what makes you scream so vitriolic?

Today Is The Day: The Pain and Fear inside that makes me afraid of living. The Hatred for all of the things that have been done to me and my family since I was a little boy...

Musicscan: what kind of people are into today is the day? what do you think? where do you see your potential listeners?

Today Is The Day: People who don't fit into society. Outlaws, Hookers, drug addicts, suburban youths who smoke crack, ...Mothers, Fathers, Dealers, People who are tired of being fucked by life and want out....Smarter, beautiful, Ugly people with no friends and no home....

Musicscan: How long did it take to record this new record?

Today Is The Day: 3years

Musicscan: what was your main focus creating new songs onto?

Today Is The Day: Looking inside, identifying the Pain and Striking Back!!!!

Musicscan: how does the artwork of the new record relate to its music? i guess this can be more descriptive for our readers than speaking about the songs themselves.

Today Is The Day: The front Cover is a woman who is in a Strait jacket in a cell who is both Lonely and Desperate for a thread of light or sanity to come through.....Alienation, Depression. Man, fucking Depression.....

Musicscan: what are you guys doing when you enter your rehearsal room?

Today Is The Day: Smoking tons of weed and drinking whiskey... When we feel ready to explode, we rock...

Musicscan: is writing and recording a new record some kind of personal challenge for you?

Today Is The Day: yes It was...It was the greatest Hell I have ever lived through.....

Musicscan: what have been your feelings after finishing studio-work? did you fullfill all your expectations?

Today Is The Day: No, it's never fulfilled. I am to big of a freak perfectionist to feel totally satisfied with my work. I feel I am Shit. Therefore, I am....

Musicscan: is 'sadness will prevail' some kind of concept work? how did you go about writing this record?

Today Is The Day: By almost committing suicide like 4 times over the last 4 years....Staying with it and visiting the room in which a madman went insane...Trying to connect with his feelings and the emotions he went through. I climbed a Mountain and wrote songs on the top of it....

Musicscan: there are lots of instrumental parts on the record - the music itself has room to grow and there is some kind of special mood around the tracks. why did you choose to go this way musically?

Today Is The Day: Because that is what i feel. For real. Not just catchy pop songs with verse chorus bullshit. But real emotion like Pain, Love, Hate, Desire, Carnal Lust....

Musicscan:...and there is some, let's call it, noise on this record - how did you choose the samples you put on the record?

Today Is The Day: By the way they made me feel....

Musicscan: what's your motivation to still play this intense kind of music?

Today Is The Day: Survival and being fucked over by people who claim to be your friends....The constant struggle for Freedom...

Musicscan: you're playing such kind of music for a couple of years now. i often get depressed hearing your songs.

Today Is The Day: That's too bad, maybe you should seek help....HAHA just kidding

Musicscan: what are your emotions about the songs?

Today Is The Day: Goddamnit!!! I am pissed!!!!!

Musicscan: do you feel successful?

Today Is The Day: Yes

Musicscan: first: as for the band?

Today Is The Day: yes we have influenced hundreds of bands since 1992 for 10 years....We have changed the face of underground music by being ourselves and taking shit from no one.

Musicscan: second: as a person?

Today Is The Day: Yes, I have a beautiful Son named HANK and A Loving Wife and Best Friend HANNA

Musicscan: what was your reason to relocated from the places you were living and change your circle of friends?

Today Is The Day: Life Love and Happiness

Musicscan: what is your self-understanding of today is the day?

Today Is The Day: Strike and Take Action!!!

Musicscan: what does this band and the term stand for?

Today Is The Day: Freedom

Musicscan: if there is anything you want to add - do it please.

Today Is The Day: Keep It Heavy!!!!
Thank You Very Much Arne....

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