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Interview von: arne mit Felix, am: 04.05.2010 ]

MOKE entwickeln sich auf ihrem neuen Longplayer aus der Brit-Pop-/-Rock-Sparte heraus und blicken in Richtung New Wave bzw. New Romantics. Hörer, die die letzte Platte der Editors abfeiern, werden auch an „The Long and Dangerous Sea“ viel Spaß haben. Schön ist es, dass sich das Quintett im Vergleich mit „Shorland“ konturstärker und eigenständiger präsentiert. Obwohl die Musiker ihren Stil nur partiell verändert haben, wirkt das Ergebnis doch ungleich stärker und zwingender. MOKE sind Generalisten und ihre Songs deutungs- und anwendungsoffen.


Musicscan: You guys have been around for some time now. What is behind bands longevity? What fuels the fire and keeps you guys interested in the music you create?

Moke: The band can survive because we’re all dedicated to making music and playing in a band. The live shows are what drive you to keep on going...and it’s amazing to see a small idea grow into a really big song.

Musicscan: Every band has a vision of how their album should sound like after recording it. Listening to The Long And Dangerous Sea right now: Would you say that this was a successful mission or would you even say that you have been able to surprise yourself? If this is the case – in how far?

Moke: Well I had an idea of what it could sound like..and the arrangements changed as we started addind different sounds..our goal was a big sound and I think we pretty much nailed that.

Musicscan: What are you looking for in a song? Have you ever achieved something like a perfect song in your opinion? How would you define such a perfect song?

Moke: I looking for depth and something that is layered in a way that you hear different things the more you listen to it...A simple song like Black and Blue is almost perfect. It’s a bit like mathematics i guess.

Musicscan: Do you think there are still genuinely new sounds to be discovered or can modern music basically be said to be a recombination of already existing forms and elements?

Moke: There are always options in the production side to go for a sound that is far out...but It’s difficult. Where do you guys see the line drawn between progressing on what you do well, and completely offering a new direction or sound? Especially in the context of The Long And Dangerous Sea… We’d like to expand on the big sound and knowing that less is more means being very creative in trying to come up with something that sounds empty but still huge and still be a great song.

Musicscan: Musically, and especially lyrically, Moke seems like a band fueled by raw emotion which is at the same time tempered by a “reflected” vibe. What are the motives behind writing in this style, what reactions are you seeking to evoke in your audience?

Moke: I basically just writing about what’s real to me, that’s why it’s tempered but it give it it’s soul and is not just throw away shit... I hope our audiences can relate to what I’m singing about as these are things that everyone goes through at one time in their life..

Musicscan: With the direction of Moke heading a certain way and fans growing with you over the years and releases, do you feel the fans can now relate to what you are feeling or at least understand what you are trying to tell them with your music?

Moke: We have a good relationship with our fans as we are very open about what we do...I’m sure they can relate to this..

Musicscan: What makes Moke special to you? How would you describe the essence of the band?

Moke: Moke is our lives, it’s about our lives and everything we do..that’s why it’s special to us..I guess we’re just hard working that’s the esseence of this band.

Musicscan: Final thoughts?

Moke: I hope I’m making sense as I’m hung-over after 3 bottles of Champagne and too many beers...Thanks..