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Earth Crisis

Interview von: Felix Heiduk mit Karl Buechner (vocalist of EC), am: 28.07.2000 ]

Interview done on the 28th of july right before their show at the Poolclub in Berlin. All questions by Felix Heiduk, all answers by Karl Buechner (vocalist of EC).


Musicscan:After I listened to your new album entitled "slither" i got the impression that you tried to gain new ground musically and through this kinda changed your style. What was the general motivation behind this?

Earth Crisis:Well basically what i did that makes "slither" more different from our previous records is that I returned to my original vocal ideas from our earliest recordings where you could actually understand what i was singing. So the spoken words style and the actual singing are back, mixed together with the harsh vocals I did on our last records, so basically we had the motivation to write an album that was musically more dynamic but still as aggressive. I personally think that "Gomorrah´s season ends" and "Breed the killers" are powerful records, but there were just melodic guitars on it. Now theirs melodic vocals, too, to make it complete.

Musicscan:Was there a certain band that influenced you?

Earth Crisis:No it was just something we wanted to do.

Musicscan:It just came by itself?

Earth Crisis:It really did. We always wanna do our thing. Every record that we did sounds different compared to the one before. No Earth Crisis album sounds the same and on the "breed the killers" record we took the straightforward brutality to it´s extremes, so we needed to keep our new record fresh...

Musicscan:Were you kinda bored to play the old stuff or do you still feel a lot of energy when playing the old songs.

Earth Crisis:I love playing the old songs. They mean just as much to me now as during the times when we wrote them, but like i said we never wanted to do the same thing twice when it´s time to write a new album.

Musicscan:Did the attitude of Earth Crisis changed as well as the music did? I ask you this question since I noticed that you didn´t explained your songs anymore on stage the last time I saw Earth Crisis.

Earth Crisis:Our ideas are the same. We´re the people that we´ve always been, but I think it´s time to bring new ideas into our music and also into our live-performance, so right now we use a sample-machine that has music- and sound-effects from our albums, because i wanna create sort of a mood on stage with the music. I think if people enjoy themselves at the concert they´ll be interested in getting the record and when they have time at home they can way better read through our lyrics and understand what we´re about better than through a short announcenment on stage about what´s this or that song of us is about. A lot of the ideas we´re about are very complicated and you can´t really encapsulate them into one or two sentences before a song and if you take more than two or three sentences people start to get bored because they wanna hear music when they go to a concert.

Musicscan:At least when they´re not going to see Catharsis...

Earth Crisis:Yeah, their singer talks like half an hour before every song. That´s not my style.

Musicscan:About the lyrics of your new record: somehow I didn´t really understood the meaning of the song "mass arrest". Could you explain it?

Earth Crisis:Every album that we do has a very specific theme and one of the things I tried to do with our three previous full lengths albums was to in-depth documentate the history and actions of the Animal Liberation Front, of Earth First and Sea Sheperd in order to save the natural world and the animals. These are thing you wouldn´t necessarily learn about through mainstream-media.

Musicscan:So you see your lyrics and music as a form of counter-culture?

Earth Crisis:Not only as a form of counter-culture but more as a way of spreading ideas and communicating about things people wouldn´t know about otherwise. Sometimes I sing in the first person describing something I actually believe in while some of the songs are about the history you otherwise wouldn´t get to know. The song "firestorm" for example is about a person like Scott Cody who lived in South Central L.A. and resisted the drug-plague. He actually fought the drug-dealers being a Black Panther activist. Or Alex Swack, an ALF (Animal Liberation Front)-activist who liberated over 2000 minks from a fur-ranch in Utah, or Rod Coronado who sunk three pirate whaling ships in Island. These are the actions of people you´d never hear about in the news, important things if you ask me but they never get reported. What the new album is about is how cloning, genetic engineering and mind-control experiements on the animals along will all change the world. They´ll change the ways of how people communicate, of how they conduct business, farming will be altered and if the researchers in Texas and Scotland and wherever else get their way we´ll most likely see new animals in the next decades created for the specific needs of humans. Things like increased egg-production, increased milk-production, things like that. That´s what "bio-machines" and some of the other songs of the new album are about. It´s a whole new thing that I think the ALF should start to pay attention to, because we could stop the problem now before it really starts.

Musicscan:Ok, I´ll change the topics now a bit: another question I wanted to ask you is if you soemtimes feel bored by playing in Earth Crisis? Did you ever came to the point where you thought about giving up the band?

Earth Crisis:The reason why we always have a good time on tour and in the studio is that we always experiment with something new and different so its always fresh for us. We don´t keep playing all the old songs year after year living in the past. We always try to stay one step ahead and that´s quite important for us. In ´92 we took metallic HC to a never before seen extreme that was imitated by hundreds of bands worldwide, but we don´t wanna get lost in the mix so we always push ahead with something different.

Musicscan:Do you expect to gain new people with your latest album?

Earth Crisis:We always do. That´s why we toured with the Misfits and Sepultura and Downset and Machine Head, and that´s why we did the Ozzfest with Ozzy Osbourne and Powermen 5000 and Slayer. That´s also the reason why we play shows with Gwar and Fear Factory, because we always wanna reach new people with our message.

Musicscan:That´s all. Any last words?

Earth Crisis:Thank you for putting us on your site and buy three copies of our new record tomorrow.

Musicscan:Three? Why´s that?

Earth Crisis:Why? Because it´s good.

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