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Erst kürzlich kündigten REMO DRIVE an, ihr drittes selbstproduziertes Studioalbum "A Portrait Of An Ugly Man" am 26. Juni auf Epitaph zu veröffentlichen. Mit "Ode to Joy 2" präsentiert das Duo einen weiteren Vorgeschmack samt Videoclip.

REMO DRIVE besteht aus den Brüdern Stephen (Bass) und Erik Paulson (Gitarre, Vocals). Den neusten Track kommentiert Erik: “The lyrics were inspired by the excess I perceived around me as I transitioned from being a college student into touring full time. Most people who’ve done either can confirm that many social interactions are built around having a drink or smoking weed. Once the honeymoon period of exploration was over for me, I became frustrated with the omnipresence of drugs and alcohol and wanted to write about it... Oh what fun it is laughing at nothing, by this age we all have it down.. When I wrote the final version of the lyrics, I tried to connect with how I think when I’m drunk. I always feel as though I’m loving and hating every second of it. This song captures that same ambivalence.”

Zuvor erschien bereits die Lead-Single "Star Worship". Mit ihrem Debütalbum "Greatest Hits" startete die Band 2017 mit einem Knall in die US-Emo-Szene. Zu ihren Vorbildern zählen die beiden Künstler u.a. THE KILLERS aber auch Acts wie BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN.

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  REMO DRIVE mit Ode to Joy 2
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